Nike KD 10 “Red Velvet” Performance Test

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After shaking and baking on the court on the way to the 2017 NBA Championship and Finals MVP honors, Kevin Durant certainly isn’t too worried about any of his critics who called him a “cupcake” for leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder.

And his series of KD10 has been popular in the sneaker world .

Today we are talking about it .

The tasty colorway meant to match KD’s velvety-smooth game was previewed  in kid’s sizing which features a mix of University Red and black for the Flyknit upper with a speckled Pure Platinum sole.

For the material ,Lightweight shoe features responsive cushioning for a comfortable ride and increased explosiveness .

There is the KD LOGO on the tongue

and the KEVIN DURANT  words and the signature of the sole

For the supporting : Dyanmic webbing and heel cage work with the laces to lock the foot down which  help a lot for the supporting .

For the cushioning :

Overall.As a pure shooter, gifted scorer, and dangerous playmaker, Durant needs a shoe that perfectly combines cushioning, lockdown, and fit.  For me ,I like it very much . Dont miss it .

Nike Kyrie Flytrap Performance Review

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Kyrie Irving’s signature shoe is one of the most accessible thanks to its low pricepoint. After released  the Kyrie 4, the Nike also released  less expensive to rep the Boston star thanks to his new shoe, which more similarity with Nike Kyrie Flytrap.

But how the performance ? is it like the Kyrie 4 ?

We will check it today.

Called a “Core” shoe rather than a signature shoe, the Kyrie Flytrap is priced at a mere $80 , but all of designs  are more similarity the Kyrie 4.


The toe cap portion used the heat welded fuse which more supporting. The black inner instep adds a nylon elastic strap to increase the fit and comfortable. The bottom end of the artificial leather of the heel corresponds to his jersey number.

On the upper material, KYRIE FLYTRAP used a breathable mesh upper.The Kyrie Flytrap utilizes a burrito-style fit system that wraps the lateral side of the shoe over the top of the medial, with an elasticized band over the forefoot that attaches the two layers.The knit does support and contain my foot just fine, and the breathability was on point. It is more similarity with the Kyrie 4, but the price will be more lower. If you wan to the lower price but the same material , Maybe you can buy this one .


The Flytrap name itself is a nod to his homeland of Australia, where the Venus Flytrap plant is prevalent (it was also a nickname for a special colorway of his Kyrie 1).



For the traction : KYRIE FLYTRAP only uses a hexagonal zoom air cushion in the forefoot, it is similarity with Kyrie 4.The rubber outsole wraps the entirety of the midsole on the lateral side of the sneaker from the midfoot to the toe.


So we will looking at the suporting of FLYTRAP,because of Flytrap used the more thiner upper material which less than Kyrie 4. if  I running or move fast , I can felt the toe have been more obvious under external force.


For the wrapping , it is nice , it is similarity the Kyrie 4.The tongue and the collar are also close to the foot when the sneaker is changing direction. The overall court feeling similar with the KYRIE4. The inside of space is enough , and the  wrapping is  nice  and tightly lockeown, which makes the feet more flexible and stability.



Maybe the upper material reason , it is will be lightweight. The single shoe weighs just only 350g. It has excellent an elasticized band over the forefoot that attaches the two layers. So the material is soft and comfortable. But the work is nice , Lockdown was OK, only because I had these bad boys tied tighter than a jelly jar. The elastic band over the forefoot wasn’t bad.


For the cushioning :

FLYTRAP’s air cushion configuration is similarity like the Kyrie 4. it is used the Zoom Air in the forefoot and and foam in the heel , It’s commendable for Nike to offer such a budget-conscious option for Irving’s fans, it is only a small hexagon zoom , but the performance is nice .

The overall material is  nice for the price It is suitable for friends who are light,  because of the more weight have been not enough.The Phylon is a little softer than what was used on the last Kyrie models


In the term of  anti-torsion , we just said that although the FLYTRAP uppers is more thinner , the stable midsole structure makes it resistant to the midsole deformation.The built-in TPU support  in the midsole ensures the overall rigidity of the sneaker. You can feel the feedback of the ground  directly. it will responsive when we play  .

Overall, Nike Kyrie Flytrap is worth the price . There’s simply not enough support and protection other than for the smallest and lightest of players.But compare with Kyrie 4 ,  all of material of Kyrie 4 is  will be good than  Kyrie Flytrap.

Jordan Super.Fly MVP Performance Review

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Over the years, Jordan Brand has had numerous sneakers that performed exceptionally well for its athletes. Especiallly the series has always had a very good reputation in the actual performance . Since the 2017 started using the cushioning last year, this sneaker has also begun a new chapter. Today we bring this latest MVP,we are will test the performance .



This MVP uses a large fabric upper,maybe 80% fabric material. only leaves two stitching lines on the inside and outside , that is look so simply .  In order to improve the overall wrapping of the shoes, the MVP uses a V-lace cable with a traditional mid-open  for the upper design. By stretching the laces, we can see that the laces will adjust dynamically . The shoelace system exerts the greatest adjustment effect, also it will  enhancing the wrapping of the shoes.


Compare with the last version, what is the setting will be different ? However the traction pattern looks to be a modified version of what we saw on the Super.Fly 2017 so we’re hopeful that it performs up to that standard.In addition ,in order to improved the supporting , MVP fully expands the white midsole and extends directly to the upper part to  heel part,  that is  directly enhancing the support of the ankle.



The shoes is used the rubber with the round pattern , and there are five black  round pattern with the number <88><91><92><96><98>, it is means the year in which MJ got the NBA regular season MVP, and in the four years of <91><92><96><98>.NBA Finals MVP wins appear on the outsole within each pod — the 91, 92, and 93 at the forefoot celebrate the first three-peat while the 96, 97, and 98 appear at the midfoot through the heel.


Firstly , I can felt the comfortable when take is a different material compare with the last model.If you prefer an old school build with modern design then go with the Jordan Super.Fly 2017 versions that offer nubuck forefoot overlays. But the MVP is different,it is used the leather ,it is will be soft then mesh material.

The pair I played it some days , I felt it  a bit more stiff and supportive,even  I’m not a huge fan ,but it is work very well in the court , more supportive and the comfortable.

you will felt the  similar heel builds  like the last model.but with a more modern forefoot overlay done up in textile and mesh.


For the weight , the  shoes just have been 440g, it is too lightweight. But the shoes work well. maybe the higher top type shoes.The high-cut setting and thicker padding make the shoes  more weight.

Fortunately, the sneakers are breathable. Compared to other high-top style basketball shoes, Jordan Super.Fly MVP  does not have a particularly heat  feeling after wearing for a long time.




For the supporting : The high-top design gives a certain amount of support on both sides of the ankle. It may be because the overall support for the upper, so Jordan Super.Fly MVP improved the material it used  make the reinforcement makes it not well protect the toes. At the same time, the sides of the upper have a relatively large deformation when changing direction, and wearing for too long may cause wear.


For the cushioning : it is nice , this pair of practical shoes uses a React foam cushioning.React, Nike’s “new” foam, is one of the most hyped cushion systems that I can remember in recent years, and now  the Jordan Super.Fly MVP also followed the last model.The first feeling of wearing  have been a little stiff. After  for a while, you can feel a little  responsive for the cushion,someone said the shoes have been not the bounce and feedback , I guess that it is need too more weight . However, I do love how the cushion was implemented full-length because it makes me feel like Nike and Jordan Brand are listening to consumers. The  full-length cushioning systems  did a great job  and work well .


For the grip :This MVP with a ring pattern with rubber. The friction on the wooden floor is excellent. The traction with the XDR outsole is also available in the commercial version, which makes it wearable and durable. The extended forefoot also gives the shoe a certain amount of protection. The strength, I believe that such a big bottom will have a good grip performance .However, the midsole tooling wraps up the forefoot ,and keeps you on the footbed.

Overall, the  price of 140 usd  as the last iteration of the Super.Fly, and might release before the start of the 2018 NBA season.The supporting and cushion and material are nice .

Nike Lebron 14 Performance Test

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The Nike Lebron 14 is Lebron James’ fourteenth signature shoe. Releasing on February 10th, 2017, with a price of $175, the sneaker features a mix of mesh, engineered laser perforations, a midfoot strap, Zoom Air, and more. Then look at some details below for more information.


From his 18th until now,  Lebron James has become a legend in American sports industry. And what kind of surprise will the Lebron 14 bring to us? Let’s have a look together.

The digital “330” symbols  Lebron James’ love for his hometown.

The “BBZ” in the inner of the right heel represents Lebron James’  love for his three children.



The “Akron” in his right shoulder shows his love for his hometown and represents his start of  another championship journey.

The “MDL No.XIV 2016” means that Battle module No. 14 Lebron14 started in 2016.

The “23” symbols Lebron James’ 3rd champion.

There appears “XIV” (the sneaker is the 14th version) in the left shoe and “XXIII” ( James’  jersey number 2)in the right shoe.

The special design below shows the designer’s sincerity.

What James wore in the finals in 2007 was the Soldier 1.  And a decade later, James finally won his first champion.

The Lebron series also changed designer from the 7th version.

We can see from the design draft that the shoe lasts are similar from the 7th to the 10th version.


Compared with the 11th version, the 12th version did have improved .But the cushioning is just so so  and the grip is also hard to be satisfying .


Then it’s time to take a look at the actual performance.


The design in the sole is totally new.

I have to say the hex design in the 13th version makes the sneaker look  cool ,but it performs badly in actual combat.And it is uncomfortable to wear the sneaker.

What’s more, because of the hexagons in the sole, the grip is quite bad although the forefoot outsole looks big.

Compared with other versions, the traction on the Lebron 14 isn’t bad. Meanwhile, the grip of Lebron 14 has also improved because of the additional air cushion. After improving the outside of the sneaker, the forefoot is very soft. And its performance is better than the 13th version.

The design in the sole is brand new .And the stripes not only provides better grip, but also looks brand new even it is a little broken.



What kind of cushioning is good for players? Personally, I once thought the setting of sneakers was an important factor. In fact, when the Air Jordan 29 first released, I was quick disappointed. However, after a period of time, I found that its cushioning , the comfortable wrapping and the special design all made it an excellent sneaker. And while the K D 9 first released, I was appealed by its appearance and air cushion.But after a half month later, it is its high setting that became its biggest shortcoming.

In short, I want to say that the setting of a sneaker isn’t the most important. Only by wearing it can you know whether it is suitable for you.


The orange insole in the pictures above is from Lebron 14 while the blue one is from  Lebron 10 LOW.

They are both necessary Ortholite insole for excellent sneakers,but in fact, the blue ortholite insole is very ordinary and  it is really comfortable  at first for many people though.

Though the orange insole also uses ortholite material, it is quick  different from the blue one. The density of the orange insole is bigger and can provide better cushioning.

The thinner insole of Lebron 14 makes players more comfortable in actual combat .And the totally new cushioning , the grains of the outsole and the thinner insole design show the true soft power of a sports shoe brand.

General speaking, when wearing the Lebron 14, I think the cushioning is better and the starting is faster while the blue insole can’t give me the same feeling.

Influenced by some previous data, there are many performance reviews which are fond of scoring. But I think the scores are useless.

Personally, I will evaluate a pair of shoes objectively. In my view, what matters most is the main performance of the shoes which is more helpful for consumers.


In my opinion, what impresses me most is the cushioning of Lebron 14. The elasticity is   just right and there are not startup delay caused by excessive soft bullets such as K D 9.


The new special grains is another  innovative attempt of Nike. The grip of Lebron 14 is just right. In some cases, it is not the more powerful the better in the aspect of grip. Compared with Curry 2, I think the grip of Lebron 14 is safer.

Wear resistance

Maybe the wear resistance is of great importance for some consumers. Based on my experience, the wear resistance of LBJ hex series is not bad.And with the new design in the outsole, the wear resistance of the 14th version is just better .

Daily foot feeling

Considering that there are many people who like wearing sneakers most of daily times, I’ve listed some data. Owing to the excellent design, it is comfortable to wear the Lebron 14 in daily life. And I am sure you will enjoy it. In short, I can say the sneaker is nearly perfect.

We can see that there appears some latest technology in the shoes. And after wearing the sneaker for a period of time, you will be obsessed with it.

The new upper design of Lebron 14 brings a sense of unprecedented comfort .Though the wrapping is good, the feeling of pressure  on the feet can influence the daily wear when not exercising. And even a short distance, I will feel uncomfortable because of the pressure on feet which also exists in the K D 9. What’s more, because of the design in the heel, the sneaker can not only provide protection, but also ankle flexibility.


Because of the excellent suede material, the texture of the shoes is greatly improved. And meanwhile,  the material is wear-resistant .

There is a glue on the outside of the forefoot, which can not only provides supporting of the shoes, but also protects our feet from oppression.

The material of the velcro is new and its toughness is strong. What’s more, the durability of Lebron 14 is just better than Soldier 10’s. The glue in the velcro not only improves the texture of the upper, but strengthens the overall toughness of the shoes.

But there is also a shortcoming in the velcro . That is that the velcro is easy to stick to the laces . For such a price, it is really a big regret.


The protection of the sneaker is just good. As for wrapping, it is worse than the REV 15’s.

When in actual combat, I am fond of wearing low-cut sneakers. And after wearing a pair of thickened socks, I can obviously feel that the wrapping is better and the overall is more stable. So I suggest you wear thickened socks if you require excellent wrapping.



Personally, I think the Lebron 14 is the easiest one to wear and take off in the recent two years.  The laces can adjust the tightness of the forefoot and because of the velcro , the wrapping of the  shoes has improved a level. I think the wrapping of Lebron 14 is the best in my experience.


There are many venting hole in the upper, so don’t be worried about the breathability.


For a sneaker with such a price, it is reasonable to have good comfortability . But based on the experiences that the LBJ series have brought to me, I am quite satisfied with Lebron 14. I think it is worth buying.

Fashionable appearance

Though I was pretty fond of the K D 9 and K D 8 whose design was very cool, it was impossible to get many phrases at that time. For many people, the Lebron 14 is easy to be popular in the public ,instead.


For me , I will only wear my sneaker  in actual  combat. But if you like wearing sneakers in daily life, I suggest you should be careful when wearing.


As a pair of sneaker, the Lebron 14 is quite excellent in many aspects. With a price of $175, you can get such a good thing, so why not have a try? I am sure the Lebron 14 will not disappoint you.



























































The Nike Kobe a.d Mid Performance Review

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After Kobe retired,Mamba Day becomes a grand festival when the funs of Kobe memorize their idol stadium.But with this year’s Mamba Day approaching,brand new Kobe series signature shoes,Nike Kobe NXT 360, is coming as well.

Since the eighth generation,Kobe’s signature shoes have gradually begun to lighten.Follow Kobe’s own idea,  every generation of Kobe’s sneakers is lightweight enough and can also try to balance supporting and wrapping.Meanwhile,the configuration of the full-hand Lunarlon midsole with the back palm has also become the ‘exculsive configuration’’ of recent generation of kobe shoes. Though similar shoe type and configuration are easy to make people aesthetic fatigue,I have to say Kobe’ signature shoes are still Nike’s strongest guard shoes.

Though failed to bring you the Kobe NXT 360 review in time, we bring you the last generation signature shoe this time,Kobe a.d Mid.  Now that the market price is gradually improving,let’s have a look at how this pair of China a.d performs.

As a ‘’middle version ‘’ of Kobe a.d,Nike Kobe a.d’s configuration also has further changes.The upper is made of suede and reinforced with artificial leather at the junction between the midsole and upper and additional modules are also set on the heel.Meanwhile,the sneakers also have support for Flywire inside the body to ensure the stability of the body.We still worry that the large-sized suede upper of the shoes will become extremely fragile due to external forces such as stepping etc,but I have to say,the upper hardness of the shoe is really good.

The midsole of the sneaker uses a series of conventional full-hand Lunarlon plus a cushioning configuration of the backsoom zoom,which is not difficult to expect.However,this time the sneaker adds a carbon plate between the midsole and the outsole to ensure a torsion resistance,which is an improvement over Kobe a.d.

The crystal outsole is densely corrugated ana loos like a grio,but because the grain is thinner and the texture is softer,it looks a bit less optimistic on the wear.

Compared with the engineering mesh woven mesh that are often used in sneakers,the suede upper used by Kobe a.d Mid has been a lot stiffer.Based on adding suede,attached to the inside of the suede,Flywire further enhances the upper support of the shoe and though it adds weight to some degree,  the improvement of the stabilily of the feet is also very effective.In actual combat,we can feel that the sneaker upper combined with the forefoot inner boot tightly wraps the feet,which feels safer compared with Kobe 11 Elite.

At the same time,in order to gurarantee the durability of the sneaker,Kobe a.d has a leather connection at the midsole and the body joint,which is said to be sophisticated design.

Maybe you are still abandoning Owen’s cushioning before the hardship and the back of PG1 is hard ,then…….Why not learn about the Kobe.

The midsole’s full-hand Lunarlon with the back palm is indeed guaranteed on the cushioning, and Lunarlon’s just the right thickness ensures that you can feel the driving force of the breakthrough.If you always think that Owen’s forefoot is too hard and he is seeking feedback’,then the signature of the Kobe may let you feel that it is really expensive.

Carbon board becomes a ‘’shoe savior’’.For many people who have worn the Kobe a.d,one of the biggest disadvantage of which is the lack of antitorsion.But this time,Kobe a.d added a quarter-length carbon plate near the full arch[The carbon board almost fill up the whole arch].The phenomenon that the sneaker is hard to lateral twisting also proves that the sneaker have strong anti-twist performance.


Dose ‘’Mid’’ really achieve ‘’Zhong Bang’’ performance ,Though Kobe a.d Mid has one more Mid than Kobe a.d,the increase in the upper dosen’t reach the expected protection enhancement.May because the lace hole is too far forward and plus the upper position is still in the ankle joint, the heel wrap performance of the sneakers and the ankle protection have almost no improvement.Though for the pursuit of speed ,the ankle protection is basically a part worth sacrificing, the increase in such uppers is a bit confusing and there is a feeling of ‘’changing for generations’’

The durability of cushioning materials is not optimistic.

When comes to the disadvantange of the midsole of the shoe……We have to say the durability of Lunarlon.After 8 hours actual combat and the daily travel 4hours assessment process,we sadly found that Kobe a.d Mid had seen obvious folds.Compared with the life of other materials , Lunarlon has become the biggest weakness of cushioning technology itself and coupled with the disadvantages of the wear resistance of the shoes,the life of Kobe a.d Mid may become the biggest barrier for you to buy it.

The wear resistance is worrying.  The grip of the sneaker is relatively good,with gif testimony.

But the durability of the sneaker is really pitying.Just within one week,we can see the sole of the sneakers have very obvious signs of wear.And when the cushioning life and the durability of the shoe are added together, the length of the use of the shoe is also limited.If you like the feel of Kobe a.d’s actual combat,then don’t wear them out to the road often,or the time it accompany you in the court will be no long.

Just less than one week,the rubber sole appeared in the midsole of the shoe.


The actual life of the sneaker isn’t optimistic, but whether it is an excellent balance between cushioning and starting or high stability of the shoe body and midsole all make Kobe a.d Mid can sit on the throne of Nike “king shoe performance” (regardless of cost performance).

Of course,we recommend Kobe a.d Mid to you who seek pace like Kobe,I am sure that you have the ‘’Mamba spirit’’ in your heart and you will love this pair of real-life signature shoes of speed.

Air Jordan 31 Low Performance Review

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The white A J 31 Low entered our sight on June 30th ,2017. Its white upper is just so appealing. Then let’s have a look together.

This pair features a white upper with contrasting black on the lining and sole stripe while just a touch of University Red hits the Jump man branding. And it alternates between premium leather on the heel and a woven textile for a flexible on-court feel that transitions over quite nicely to the lifestyle realm.

Then I will compare A J 31 Low with CE low and H D 2016 low. In the aspect of upper, they are different. Though the A J 31 Low is weaker in some aspects, it is excellent in the upper supporting.

The three are different in the sole design, but the wear resistance of A J 31 Low is so-so .

The breathability of the three is quick excellent, but in terms of protection, the A J 31 Low is just better.

Next it’s time to check the actual performance of A J 31 Low.


When it comes to the appearance, I have to say that everyone has his/her own idea. But in my opinion, the A J 31 Low is so beautiful. Compared with other versions, the A J 31 Low is very suitable for everyone to wear out to the roads.


Combining Zoom Air with Phylon technology, A J 31 Low is very comfortable to wear. What’s more, it performs better in the actual combat.

The elasticity of front foot is better than the back foot, but it is also enough for players. Anyway, I think it can’t disappoint you in actual performance.


Honestly speaking, the grip of A J 31 Low isn’t quick perfect. When there are emergency stops, it will appear slippery. But after all, the grip is not so bad, which you can experience in the flesh.

4 .Wrapping

The inner boot design plus the Flywire design both make the wrapping of A J 31 Low quick excellent. After tightening the shoelace, the entire feet is firmly fixed in the shoes and the phenomenon that the feet slide in the shoes is basically impossibly.


Owing to the T P U and the leather material , the supporting of this sneakers is not bad. Although it is a low-cut version, it is also safe to wear the sneakers protection devices.

6.Cost effective

The durability of A  J 31 Low is not so good. But the Zoom Air design and the special upper make the shoes cost-effective. And no matter in the actual combat or in daily life, the A J 31 Low is a good choice.


Personally, I think such a pair of sneakers is necessary for a good player. Anyway, with a price of 160 dollars , A J 31 Low is nearly perfect and I am sure it can’t disappoint you.

Air Jordan 11 Win Like’96 Performance Review

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Speak to  “red Jordan Brand shoes”, this is the first one shoe come up in mind —AIR JORDAN XI WIN LIKE’96

Someone said the newest Air Jordan XXXII “Rosso Corsa”,it  is the same classic red –Air Jordan IV“Toro Bravo”,and Air Jordan V“Flight Suit”so on .So these shoes are red ,but actually they are not the same. For me , I like the the AIR JORDAN XI WIN LIKE’96 very much .

So today we are talking about it .

The 1994-1995 season, Michael Jordan returned. Although it was lost in the playoffs, we can still see that Jordan, what we loved one , is recovering. In the summer of 1995 to join Rodman which the most  activated and  fearsome team .Though 72 vs 10 , but his fans still waiting for  he back .

The 1995-1996 season championship trophy , Jordan was eventually won the FMVP trophy, for a season that belongs to Chicago at second began to become three consecutive.

And in this year, the sale of Air Jordan XI has become the most popular Air Jordan generation in history. Whether it is the classic Concord color matching and Bred color matching, or the Space Jam are all popular styles since released.  Air Jordan XI “72-10” is also had a  great magic title .

This year, we have seen Air Jordan XI “Win Like’82”, and another pair of “red whirlwind” — AIR JORDAN XI WIN LIKE’96 is also on sale. It is on sale in December 9th.

For the material : Inspiration a from the 95-96 season, which belongs to the “Windy City” Chicago basketball color – red all over the shoe body, and a white midsole and outsole blue background, you can make more eye fried in winter. At the same time, the details of the shoes in black cloth (Jumpman Logo embroidery and reduced the brightness of the tongue) shoes itself, make shoes more suitable for daily travel.Patent leather and ballistic nylon mesh are used along the upper.and a very small piece of cheap split grain leather is located at the heel.  the materials are nice. and performed pretty much.

For the traction: Although the material followed the Air Jordan XI “Win Like’82” configuration, but through the different material of the red also molded different colors. Followed by a lighter artificial leather material highlights Jumpman Logo and followed by “23” Logo black, and the net surface material is dark red, compared to highlight the brightness of paint material.The overall traction was very solid with all things considered. Usually when you have a translucent outsole you lose traction when dust or debris is on the court but thankfully the Air Jordan XI have solid rubber traction pods located in the heel and forefoot.The clear sections are nice and sticky straight out the box, which is good and bad depending on court conditions.For me , it look amazing . and the grip is great .

There is a logo on the side

For the supporting :The Carbon Fiber used which support along the entire base of the foot, it not just the arch, and the overall fit provides you with the extra reassurance you’d want or need ,so you can do anything  you want to do .

For the cushioning : With the lightweight Phylon and full length Air unit in place, cushion is solid as well. and performance well .While they are not  soft as  last model , they are still leaps and bounds better than previous Air Jordan models. Impact absorption is available and consistent throughout while still maintaining decent court feel in the forefoot.

The overall color of shoes is more prominent and outfit, we also suggest to try to mainly black and red color. A large area of black and red color can be smaller in contrast with shoes, whether it is the Spring Festival or Christmas festive  collocation or daily street are very appropriate.Bright  is the best description of these shoes. Just like this red, it can also express the blood that this young bull is still surging. It is such a pure experience of blood and It also creates the AIR JORDAN XI WIN LIKE’96.

The Nike Kobe 11 Elite Performance Review

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After a long waiting, we are lucky to see the Kobe 11 sneakers. Let’s check it together.

It seems that there are always some comments after the Kobe series release new versions. Just like other regular versions, the appearance of Kobe 11 is so mediocre that many people can’t accept it. And even many people will ask : What the hell you think ? But I am sure that you will be fascinated by it after a period of time. Then I will share you all with the excellent performance of Kobe 11.

As a new version, Kobe 11 also uses the low-cut design, which makes the shoe body look a bit like soccer shoes. The BruceLee colorway of Kobe11 is the same with Kobe5, but the texture of Kobe11 is just better. And we can see the technology used in the vamp strengthens the supporting and durability of the sneakers. Different from other regular versions, some special designs reduce the weight of the shoes. After a lot of improvement, we can finally see the excellent Kobe11.

In order to show you more, I’ve tested some aspects of the shoes and below are their points.(The full score is 10.)

Cushioning (8points)

The KOBE 11 remains the same as KOBE 10 in the shoes setting. But the Kobe 11 is a bit like the Kobe 9 in a plug-in insole. What’s more, the biggest advantage of Kobe 11 is that it is lighter than other versions. And the it is also more comfortable than Kobe 7 and Kobe 10. As for the feeling , you can experience it in the actual combat by yourself.

Protection (7.5 points)

Though the Kobe 11 has got many doubts about its protection owing to its appearance, I am quick sure it will prove itself in actual performance. After wearing the shoes, you will have a sense of safety. Based on other advantages, it can provide better supporting and wrapping. Here I suggest you go to try them on in physical stores if you want to buy the shoes.

Comfortability (9points)

The Kobe series always perform very well in comfortability . What’s more, with the Flyknit ,the lunarlon and the zoom in the midsole, the supporting of Kobe 11 is more excellent than other versions. But because of the low vamp, there will be a sense of force for some people whose feet are fat. After all, I think you consider carefully before buying.


The design in the insole is shown in Kobe11. Benefiting from the special design, Kobe11 performs pretty excellent in actual combat. And the front foot of the shoes is soft, which make you feel comfortable. In my view, the reactivity of Kobe11 can’t be compared with other sneakers, but the perfect combination of technology makes Kobe11 better.

Grip (9 points)

With the delicate stripes in the sole, the grip of Kobe 11 is quick good. I have to say the grip can be satisfying no matter in what kind of grounds. So if you want to learn more, I suggest you see the actual performance of Kobe 11. And the wear resistance of Kobe 11 is similar to that of Kobe 10.


,Personally, I think the Kobe 11 has improved a lot. Based on other versions, it doesn’t like what we expected before, but it does bring us some surprises . And I also think it is worth buying which will not disappoint you. Maybe it is the last pair of sneakers of Kobe’s NBA career, but surely it will be in our memories forever.






























The Nike KD 11 Performance Review

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KD won the championship once again. Congratulate to KD and meanwhile we can see that KD always wore the WHAT THE colorway of KD 10 style in the finals. I am sure that after the design of KD 10 has produced so many beautiful colors, everyone is looking forward to what kind of surprise KD will bring to us. And today we will bring the actual evaluation of KD 11 to you .

First impression

Firstly, let’s have a look at the shoe type. It is completely different from the KD 10 and KD 11 looks very integrated. The upper is a complete curve of almost one piece of material and the sole has also changed from the KD9,KD10 familiar full-blank sub-area ZOOM into a whole piece ,which is visually more simple.

KD11 seems to have a simple design but it is not simple in terms of setting.KD11 shoes use the full palm ZOOM and NIKE’s REACT cushioning material. The FLYKNIT cover of the entire upper is covered with a partially reinforced hot-melt nylon material, and the heel stabilized part is finished with fine-grained suede stitching to enhance the texture.
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After getting the real thing, you can feel the sincerity of the signature shoes. First ,in the aspect of the upper, the FLYKNIT with different hardness is used on a single upper. The part of the front feet is stronger . The side of the shoes and the lace part are soft which is convenient to adjust the tightness of wrapping. This is exactly the same as the previous ELITE version of HUPERDUNK2016. The difference is that KD11’s FLYKNIT is more solid.

Reinforced piece added to the toe and small toe which increase the upper support to some extent. The heel part of the heel has the delicate embroidery of KD and SWOOSH LOGO, and the ingenuity adds a small detail of the metal decoration. The top of the heel is a rubber ring that is very convenient and easy to use when wearing shoes. The inner filling sponge is slightly thin and the thickness is moderate.

The midsole adopts an outsourced design, which is a bit like the outsole scheme of KOBE AD, but more overall, a thick piece of crystal bottom wrapped with built-in cushioning material, the texture is more appreciative, but it looks very beautiful, the strip is open in the sole The small window is also a bit of the shadow of HYPERDUNK ELITE. By opening the window, we can see the built-in ZOOM area. The texture of the sole is curved, the texture is moderate, and the interior plastic and wood flooring are standard.

First wear experience

When you first wear KD11,because of the heel shoe design, the process of wearing the shoe is a little like wearing socks ,or it is more labor-saving in the integrated upper. Personally, in the aspect of size I think it is normal. Because FLYKNIT is excellent in wrapping, I suggest you who has fat feet can choose most of the size at your discretion. The middle and low feet is very soft which can compete with LBJ15 and while KD11 appears to be biased by material, there is a feeling of collapse when you step on one foot, and then there will be feedback from ZOOM rebound, and the feeling of the foot is slightly complicated.

Slow shock

The cushioning is pretty excellent.  Sufficient cushioning and soft will make you adapt to the shoes quickly. Personally , the high-grade cushioning shoes often have excessive thickness in the midsole, which leads to the center of the shoe is too high, and the midsole with soft bullets is prone to unsteady landing, but because the sneakers have a very thick outer sole hard crystal bottom wrapped cushioning material, so although the cushioning technology level is very high, it also has a good soft foot feeling, and the landing feeling is still very stable and solid. Of course, the design also has disadvantages. The thick crystal bottom makes the weight of the whole pair of shoes increase.


The wrapping of FK material is very good in the HYPERDUNK2016ELITE version. The modern LBJ15 is also an example. Although this version of KD11 shoes is slightly fat, not as long as HD16, you can still feel enough after tightening the shoelaces. The tight wrapping with the soft O-shoe insole while stepping on REACT and the whole palm ZOOM, it can be said that these shoes in the various basketball shoes this year, the foot feel is good.


The support of midsole is very stable ,giving us the possibility to control the intense movement of REACT and the whole palm ZOOM, which is very important. It can be said that there is no stability of the outsole, and then the comfortable cushioning technology can only be called comfortable casual shoes. Look at the upper, though there is partial reinforcement, it is still weaker in terms of stability. There is no outstanding design at the bottom, and sometimes the strong emergency stop will give the side of the foot a feeling of slipping out of the midsole.


As for the wear resistance, which I have said before, it is standard for indoor plastic floor and wood floor .And don’t build too much in the field, but of course, the local tycoons are free.

The grip can be said to be also the excellent level. The good grip is also added to the stability of the whole pair of shoes.

It is worth mentioning that in actual wear,KD11 midsole is not raised to support the arch. The entire inner sole is in a flat position. There is no design that can lock the ankle like the ROSE6. The KD11’s lace hole allows the shoes. The adjustment range of the belt is limited to the feet surface) , which makes it easier to poke your toes, so take the problem into consideration before buying the shoes.


A change of KD9, 9ELITE, 10 cushioning continuation, KD11 can be said to be a pair of new shoes full of sincerity, the overall design is simple but without losing details. The new combination of REACT and ZOOM is perfectly designed under the design of the newly designed outsourced crystal outsole. It is matched with the popular one-piece woven upper and the wrapping is quick good. In general, innovative design, high technology, KD endorsement, pricing 1299 can be said to be quite cost-effective. Personally , I suggest almost everyone can try the latest KD11 except the players who use Irving Playing and I am sure it can’t disappointed you.



















UA Curry 5 Performance Review

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The 3.14 Curry birthday color scheme that was first launched on March 14 is a limited edition. It is unfortunate that it is not available. The color schemes that were first launched on May 19th are declared out of stock in various channels.

Relatively speaking ,the color of this pair of gray raw rubber is really low profile, but it is Curry 5.

This generation of Curry signature shoe does really changed a lot such as the using of low-cut design. The former signature shoe series did have a low profile, but as the first version, it is the first time to use low-cut in all Curry currently., which helps set a tone for the Curry 5 from the start, trying to improve the pace and agility of athletes.

The Curry 5 is a bit like Harden1 in the upper design. Not only because of the lace-up method of the diagonally facing upper and the cover of the toe, the whole feeling is very familiar.However,Curry5 uses full palm boot design, but Harden 1 uses burrito type tongue. The fifth generation of Curry 5 is a pair of sneakers with full-knit uppers.

In order to improve overall wrapping, it implants Anafoam pads on the outside of the forefoot and at the heel. The material area accounts for half of the whole shoe, and the inner boots are only exposed on the upper and inner sides of the insteps of the feet. Students familiar with Curry signature shoes know that the material Anafoam had been used in the first generation and the third generation. This return to this upper material mainly in order to increase the rigidity of the upper. After all, in this all-fiber upper age, wrapping and lightweight have reach a considerable height. But the fabric itself does not stabilize the feet and feet that have been moving intensely, so the hard Anafoam material becomes the armor of this Curry 5th generation.

While in the design of inner boots, Curry 5 is so easy. The whole uses the material of thinner fabric and basically has no extensibility. But in the upper part of the instep, the jersey method of increasing the mesh opening is used, so that the inner boot of this part has a larger telescopic function. In the aspect of midsole of the Curry 5,UA didn’t carry the latest HOVR cushioning for it. And it goes on using the 4th generation midsole solution -­ EVA cushioning midsole. Honestly speaking, it is really disappointing.

For a pair of shoes with a original price of 1299,it is not only the currently UA’s top card, but also a direct competitor to many commercially available guard shoes. As customers, we will definitely compare the hardware between Curry 5 and AJ32 LOW Harden 2,or even Thompson 3 LOW. But in the midsole part of the most densely packed hardware,Curry5 is completely defeated.

But conversely consider, maybe this is Curry’s own need. After all, this pair of sneaker was designed completely for Curry .As a shooter with a huge 3-point threat, Curry himself also has

the ball breaking ability, which is difficult for an opponent to judge what scoring method he will use in this round. The Curry 5 generation’s hard midsole can provide players with a quick first step to start. What’s more, during these seasons, Curry himself was replaced by punching cards in the regular seasons, and got off work in advance. So maybe the sneaker cushioning is not very important for the top athlete who has just 30 years old.


Then return to ordinary consumers. Since this work does not have the main technology stacking. Instead, it throws up the 5th generation of Curry to improve the speed and agility of the action. What kind of actual performance is there? Next, we will analyze it one by one.

Actual evaluation

After wearing the sneaker, you can first feel that the wrapping of the forefoot part is very excellent. The inner boot lining has a double tie with the laces, which makes Curry 5 follow the feet. But in the top of shoe collar part ,because the inner boot doesn’t have any elasticity, so the left and right sides of the ankle feel a bit empty. Combined with the change of the slow motion, we can see the weakest part of Curry 5’s dynamic wrapping is here and the side of the ankle is completely exposed to the sneakers. But in terms of anti-torsion, the Curry 5 is quick excellent.

After every emergency stop ,the sneakers can maintain a good shape even if they encounter various angles of strength. And not only the midsole, even the toes are rarely wrinkled, which should be attributed to the vertical stripes directly designed by the toe, and they all directly guide the external traction of the toe wrapping.

In terms of grip test, this time we respectively tested the wood flooring and concrete ground. Relying on the classic fishbone friction pattern, the Curry 5th  completed the actions of accelerated start and emergency stop without much effort.

While in terms of rollover prevention ,the Curry 5th performs not bad as well. The forefoot specifically extends the length of the outsole on the outside. Then next is cushioning. As you can expected, the pair of shoes can bring you the most direct venue feedback.

After an average of 5 touches, you still can’t adapt to the shoes. So it is not designed for rebound players.

The gravity center of this low-weight sneakers weighing 380g is in the middle, so it can’t be too heavy after wearing them. Interestingly, in addition to the exposed TPU stabilizers ,the Curry 5th has no any plastic parts .And Anderma LOGO and Curry’s own signature are shown .   Then let’s take this opportunity to introduce the details of the poor stars of the Curry 5th.

On the side of the tongue, there appears Curry’s LOGO while the inside of the forefoot, there appears an embroidery <π> which symbolizes Curry’s birthday on March 14.Except Curry’s LOGO which is hidden in the heel of the outsole, it can’t be found other personalized designs as signature shoes. To sum up, the Curry 5th brings excellent grip with a practical fishbone outsole.

The upper Anafoam material with midsole TPU gives it an excellent anti-twist function. Simple full feet boot design can meet the need of most people. Combined with a pair of actual ball socks, the sneakers can bring good wrapping. But relatively, the wrapping and cushioning on the side of the ankle are the Curry 5th’ disadvantages. If the wrapping can also rely on the sturdy , and the sneaker itself is very close to the foot, the actual wear will not have much impact, but use 1299yuan to buy a pair of sneakers without any cushioning technology deciding its price/performance ratio will not be high.

In addition to Curry’s own faith and relatively unique design, the Curry 5th is indeed in line with its main responsiveness and the hard midsole makes it a new generation of <flying slabs>.If you need to step up the first step and can quickly complete every technical action on the field, then the Curry 5th is a relatively good choice. Relatively, it is exactly how it responds to this aspect of functionality, leaving the Curry 5th lost more of the adaptive customers..