How to Repair The Upper of Air Jordan 11?

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As we know the upper of the Air Jordan 11 is really broken , split ,because of the material of the Air Jordan 11 actually  has been split easily .It is really sad if the shoes  that my loved was broken . So how to do if the upper was split or scratched when you have been not enough money to rebuy one ?

Today we will talking about it .

Jordan Brand will be releasing classic colorways along with new ones of the Air Jordan 11 ,and this one is my best favorite.This version of the Air Jordan 11 Low comes with a color scheme consisting of a Black nubuck upper accented by the Ash Grey patent leather placed on the toe and mudguard.



For the problem of spliting of Air Jordan 11,  there are proper nouns in the repair industry, called patch repair. Here we can explain to it is a repair, as the name suggests, the upper has a wound, scratches, and destroy the original appearance of the cortex, you need to use the cream to cover the wound, this is called a patch repair. Here again, the science supplement cream, maybe many people  do not know what is the cream ,here is two kind of cream.  one is solid, one is a flowing paste, if the upper or the hole in the shoe , if the broken hurt , then you can use the solid cream.And the other is slightly scratched, then you can paste. Refinishing, as the name implies, is covered with paint, and the front repair is prepared for painting.




Because of the splitting of upper, so we can use the cream directly . Then we need another tool which is sandpaper.


The density of this sandpaper is very thin, and it is used to repeatedly polish the repair cream on the upper. Some people may ask why  used the sandpaper ? Because the repair cream  used in the upper which  is still uneven. so the sandpaper can  polish the  cream to the  station of flatting .


we need to be careful , so as not to damage the original patent leather material.

When we see the station of the flatting  between the cream and upper, we need to another tool of repair. This is the spray gun.

For the spray gun, Pour the white paint and resin to be sprayed into the mouth  of  the spray gun.we need to be sure not to pour the paint to the spray gun directly ,because the resin has a strong adhesion and tortuosity. It has good resistance to wet and dry. Rubbing ability, the film surface is clear after film formation, transparent and natural, so it can not afford skin long time .



When we sprayed the paint evenly, it was found that the white paint had completely covered the splitting. After the paint was finished, although the splitting was covered, it was found that there was no bright of the patent leather. At this time, the last step was needed–the paint brightener ,we need sprayed paint brightener evenly.


Finally completed, in fact, the repair of patent leather is definitely not perfect, and the requirements for environment and technology are seriously. Of course, it is not as good as the machine that came out of the original factory. Especially for  the environment of painting, it needs a completely dust-free workshop, so that the paint can be sprayed without any impurities, so there is no such condition in the ordinary environment.

Air Jordan 33 Releasing–Everything Details of “FUTURE OF FLIGHT”

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“This year’s game shoe, the AJ XXXIII, is the first basketball shoe to feature FastFit technology, which provides ultimate lockdown to prepare athletes for flight,” said Michael Jordan in a statement. That is an exciting news ,the Air Jordan XXXIII rewrites the story of the greatest basketball shoe on the planet. Its revolutionary FastFit closure system locks you in for flight, while its new Flightspeed technology is tuned for propulsion.

Essentially functioning as a manual version of Nike’s Electro Adaptive Reactive Lacing (E.A.R.L.) tech found in shoes like the Mag and HyperAdapt 1.0, FastFit allows athletes to tweak the fit of the sneaker to better suit their personal needs. Through the use of cables that stretch throughout the shoe, wearers are able to yank an elastic pull tab to land on one of 12 “clicks” offered by the customizable fit system.


The Air Jordan 33 is inspired by space suits, both visually and technologically, and it also draws from Tinker Hatfield’s Air Jordan 3 (see the Nike Air on the heel?). Of course, the shoe has tons of Jordan and Nike DNA; the window of the tightening system mimics the original Air window and the large tongue makes a perfect spot for a Jumpman logo.


“Athletes tie and untie their shoes several times during a game, because the fit changes. The Air Jordan XXXIII provides a more consistent fit across the entire shoe with just one pull for lockdown.”



The new strap of the shoe , this kind of  Air Jordan XXXIII provides a more consistent fit across the entire shoe with just one pull for lockdown.


“We were focused on Flight Utility. A lot of our inspiration came from space suits and the purposeful, functional materials used to make them. They’re also purposeful in how color is used to indicate how things work or what to do during take-off. We applied that same attention to detail — mixing materials and using color instructionally — to the Air Jordan XXXIII.”


“FastFit is what locks you down, but it locks you down over a carbon plate. There’s less foam around the Zoom bag for underfoot sensation and room to compress and deflect. It all works together to make the Air Jordan XXXIII light and strong, as well as more interactive and innovative.”

Flight has always been part of Jordan DNA, the Vice President of Design David Creech always been  said “Our team considered the utility-led design of space flight suits and used that inspiration to help craft the AJ XXXIII. Like those suits, the shoe features visible technology designed for function, but that also becomes a staple style element.

Elsewhere, the Jordan 33 boasts a textile upper which helps keep things lightweight and adds targeted support in areas where players will need it most. Notable design elements on the upper include an oversized Jumpman logo at the tongue and OG-style Nike Air embroidery on the heel.

In terms of cushioning, the 33 sees the return of the FlightSpeed carbon fiber plate, which works in tandem with a Zoom Air unit that’s been tweaked for higher levels of responsiveness.





The Air Jordan 33 will be cushioned by a large-volume forefoot Zoom Air unit and a hex Zoom unit at the heel. Moreover, the shoe will feature the latest iteration of Flight Speed, which now uses the same carbon plate as the Zoom VaporFly 4%. So, Flight Speed + Zoom Air + FastFit = Air Jordan 33.



The Air Jordan 33 is currently set to release on Thursday, Oct. 18 for a retail price of $175 in North America, $185 globally.

We are looking forward it .

Nike KB Mentality 1 Performance Review

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Nike KB Mentality has been a team basketball shoes ,and it has been the low popular basketball shoes since released .Maybe it is the signature shoes of KOBE. So Nike KB Mentality  has been the most attention of the fans .But for more people ,they want to know what is the performance review.

So we will check it today.

There are some more colorway of this shoes as below :


For the box ,it is normal with the simply logo.

There is the full info of the box side , it is will be great .

When we open the shoe ,I was really exciting .


For the material:

It is used the  typical Hyperfuse setup along the entire upper. It is look nothing really special or groundbreaking here.but the  I  enjoy the first couple of night’s as much as I had each night afterward because, like the traction, the upper needed a little break-in time.  And Because of this material of upper.The tongue is also made of a large mesh material, which gives the players their excellent breathability.

Kobe’s logo is still quite obvious, personally I like it very much.

We can see the material clearly , the tongue have an mesh materail with air hole , that is in order to  improved the ventilation .

To be speaking , the green color was really cool, I like it very much ,especially for the summer.It look match the summer cloths.

We can see the detail inside :

The foam is comfortable , the proctection of the heel part  is amazing


More use of heat welded fuse material, so it have moew  protection of the toe , but it is a bit drag on the comfort, there are some uncomfortable in the process of turning around.

For the supporting :I dont think the supporting is great.The supporting just from  heel counter and material ,and there have been not the TPU support. There is no shank plate in place as well. I was told that when you have a flat bottom with a molded arch (Lunar midsole has the molded arch) that a shank isn’t really required.But there is not enough for that.The Lunar midsoles always do a great job ,but it is just have been not enough for me.


For the traction:

Nike KB Mentality  Completely followed the LUNARLON midsole of KOBE VIII SYSTEM, which used of  LUNARLON in the past. It brings the biggest surprise to the whole pair of shoes.I think it is look similar to  KOBE The VIII SYSTEM, it is still a lightweight foam LUNARLON midsole, the soft structure makes the feet feel natural when walking, I Like this setting of shoe, plus a thin design let the feet felt more  response . However, the weakness of the consistent LUNARLON is there,such as the  responsive is not keep longer when you running, the life cycle of the resilience is also short.


We can see the Full length Lunar as these pictures

It look so responsive for this material.

For the cushioing : Full length Lunar used .The cushioning is amazing.If you’re familiar with that setup then you’ll likely enjoy the hell out of these. As we know the Lebron shoes have been used the Lunnar setting, but my heel kept slipping out of the shoe so I opted for the Lunar insert, which I prefer anyway. You’ll get that low profile ride, plenty of court feel, and the responsive is amazing , I like this pone very much.


Overall, Mamba  basketball shoes sacrifice too much protection and support torsion resistance for lightweight design. In fact, I personally think that this is completely a practice.But for the material is great with great cushioning.


Nike Zoom KD 10 Anniversary Performance Review

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The Golden State Warriors  returned to San Francisco in the 2018-2019 season. This was returned to San Francisco in after 40 years since the season of 1971-1972 . The new venue  located at Wharf and this place have been a nice  viewpoint  for San Francisco.


As for the Final NBA coming , there are a lot of shoes model is releasing .Especial for KD  series shoes, the KD 11 released recently .please check the KD 11 performance in our site ,but for me ,I like the KD 10 very much.

So we will check KD 10 performance today.

Anniversary,Meaning of cooperate NIKE with KD for more than 10 year The color swoosh was inspired by KD’s color matching for all teams since the university.


Unlike the KD9 and KD 9 Elite, the KD10 uses a full flyknit design. In order to provide the great durability of the KD 10, The KD 10 used the different material in toe, side and heel parts.The ductile neckline used  a more ductile material, making it easier to put on and take off.



The logo is special and it is look amazing. And Flyknit is present in the shoe’s upper like the last one, however, this setup of Flyknit is leveraged differently and probably not for the better.

It’s more structured, the TPU reinforcements kinda take away the benefits of Flyknit. It’s not a breathable and not as soft for your foot.

The part of toe is amazing,which add the material of the nubuck inner side of the front of  shoe.That is  in order to increase the wear resistance of the shoe and improved the protection of the feet.

It’s more structured, the TPU reinforcements kinda take away the benefits of Flyknit which more supporting and protection It’s not a breathable and not as soft for your foot.A thick filler is added to the inside of the neckline , and the wrapping is added from the inside to the outside.


The KD utilizes a full-length unlocked Zoom Air unit for maximum step-in comfort and court feel. The cushion sits atop a semi-translucent outsole with an aggressively rounded pattern.Though it is look like KD 9 ,but it different .At first, I was a bit skeptical since the cushion felt a bit firm and something you’d find any feeling of  Phylon model from Nikey.Plenty of impact protection, you still get some court feel in the forefoot and the whole setup just feels so well-balanced.




A lot of people dont like the traction of KD 9,they dont think the traction will be nice ,actually the grip is great. but because of  KD 10 was used the translucent traction, so this one will be the most reason that people dont like .For me, it wasn’t really that bad, the shoe was just really sensitive to dust.i like the feeling of the  grip, but just dont play it in the outside dusty court.


Here is more details as below :



For the system of shoelace :

The upgrade of the strap system can make the package more strong, and we can felt more the tightness after the fastening. The shoelaces are thicker and rougher. so we will felt more stiff of the upper. The upper does not slip with the shoelace, so the shoelace does not loosen after the tie.


We can see the details as below :


Supporting :

The supporting is nice with the TPU help.The heel lockdown was good, the forefoot felt stable. But the ankle collar is just pure Flyknit and the midfoot area barely held my foot. Those things support you like tanks because it’s built for a tank. These are more focused on mobility and freedom but even that isn’t that well-made because of the lack of containment in the midfoot. I like this one very much.


Overall, The material is more durability and the supporting is nice .The size is true ,but for Wide footers, you’ll be good going to buy over half size . I like this one very much.

Jordan Ultra Fly 2 Performance Review

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While the NBA game is hot ,the Ultra Fly 2 on Joe Johnson’s feet has also attracted the attention of everyone instead of the original obscurity. Though it is also named Ultra Fly,it is quite different from the first edition no matter setting or appearance. And we’re definitely happy that the brand took things an entirely different route and ditched the Kurim overlay system. Today we will have a check.

For its cushion : From the image you can see the shoe has also equipped with sector Zoom Air cushion while the back part uses the rare hexagonal Zoom Air which is similar to what LeBron series has used. Once you start using it,you will have a pretty bouncy feeling and you place more pressure on it ,the feeling is more obviously.

Though the shoe starts off feeling a bit heavy feeling underfoot,it is because the fairly dense Phylon midsole used here. On top of that, I dare say that the cushion setup of the second edition is more suitable for most people while the first edition has only forefoot Zoom Air. Not only does the cushion work well,but the speed of start-up also in increases. Its overall design ideal for swinger type players with strong mobility.

For the wrapping : I am sure many fans can recognize immediately that there are many similarities between Ultra Fly 2 and Jordan 15 in appearance. Based on my memory, I think the shoe’s wrapping can be said to be super tight. Its one-piece boot design and Flightweb lace system both make its wrapping impeccable.

Besides, there is a TPU supportive board instead of carbon board though. But it works well just as a carbon board and improves support and anti-rotation of the sole. In short,the support features one would expect to be in place are all here and accounted for.

In actual games, it will cradle my feet at all times and does not allow me to ever feel like I about to be ejected off of the shoe’s platform. As for the upper,it is made up of fabric and synthetic material which ensures comfort for the instep.

For its shoe type : The shoe type is very narrow especially the toe. Before buying I highly recommend you try them on or you might feel quite disappointed. Owing to this characteristic,you may also feel it a bit hard to put on. As I’ve mentioned,some parts of upper are made of synthetic material so it is a little hard but can protect your foot very well.

For its grip : The outsole grains are nice,right ? Then does the grip works nicely as well ? However,the fact will make you disappointed.I can say its grip is just so so. When on courts that are not very clean then dust is collected quickly within the black portions of the outsole which results in an inconsistent feel at times,but while the white sections gripped the floor without issue — dust or no dust.

For different shoes the grip works differently as well. It is not to say one shoe must have excellent grip as long as it has high-end technology. This point is different from the cushion setup.

Overall : Except that it is just so so in grip while the other parts of shoes are satisfying,which I can hardly describe in words. Here I have to mention it that the white shoe body is easy to get dirty so you need to take care of it carefully.

Though the Jordan Ultra Fly 2 is a bit heavy with a suffocating fit,  however,you’ll find that it performs well and breaks in very nicely as long as you give it enough playing time. Only when you get along with it can you fall in love with it. It is worth your purchasing.

Air Jordan XX9 Performance Review

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On April 18th,2014 Nike released the much anticipated Air Jordan XX 9 in New York. In fact,it doesn’t make us disappointed,either. The Air Jordan XX 9 is coming right out of the gates with this black/white/gym red version and is getting more and more popularity. For more details of its performance then go on reading.

The first time I saw the setting of the shoes,honestly speaking, I was quite disappointed.The shoe has only one Zoom equipped in the forefoot while there is nothing in the heel part. Compared with the Jordan XX 8 which has Zoom both in the forefoot and the heel plus a carbon board , the setting and design of Jordan XX 9 are disappointing,aren’t they ?

However, it is not to say that full and good setting can definitely does help during actual combat.Objectively speaking, we need to evaluate one shoe by its actual performance but its setting. And certainly,there is no deny that every edition of Jordan is equipped with the newest tech.For the Jordan XX 9,it was equipped with the world’s first functional woven upper.

In the image above,there are two editions of Jordan XX 9 that one is  a large LOGO burst while the other one is today’s Air Jordan XX 9 burst.

For the shoe box,it is thicker than other usually used ones and it is a little bright as well.

There you can see,the shoe paper and tag have the same element of midsole.

For its upper : As I mentioned,the Jordan XX 9 has been equipped with the world’s first functional woven upper. The materials used in the upper is durable and its texture feels pretty soft. According to some official introduction,the woven upper has four layers which offers full impact protection,comfort and support for the its wearer. During the whole game,the shoe provides quite a bit flexibility for you. The overall feeling is good.

When it comes to the shoe’s weight, I have to mention it. One single Jordan XX 9 with size EUR 44 weights 384 grams. After wearing it,the overall feeling is relatively lighter thus it will not give you any burden on foot.

The Jordan XX 9 seems more suitable for people who are guards for the design might not protect your big toe very well.

For the wrapping : The wrapping is good owing to the Flight Web system. It uses a mesh strip to wrap the foot and with combination with the shoe laces,the wrapping has improved a level. The Jordan XX 9 has no inner boot design but has only one side palm elastic band.

The shoe tongue is not very thin and the breathability is just so so but you will not feel sultry at all.

There in the toe is a symbolic sign which is nearly the same as Jordan 12.

For the cushion : You can see the tech of Zoom air cushion clearly ,which is small in the front chamber and big in the back chamber.

Compared with the last edition in the forefoot, it has changed the direction of the Zoom air cushion though it is still double chamber ZOOM air cushion.

It has changed in some aspects so the Jordan XX 9’s foot feel is not so bouncy as that of the last edition. Fairly speaking, the forefoot Zoom of Jordan XX 9 is not bad.

The FlightPlate tech is used in the midsole and by using the Pebax buffer board, it can give you motivation when there are explosive takeoff. And the buffer board can not only provides anti-twist performance ,but also controls the compression and deformation of the Zoom Air cushion unit.

For its grip :

The grains are basically processed flow of water and the grip is overall good. During your games I would suggest you play on clean courts or the  traction will attract dust to its surface which can affect your performance. After all, the XX 9 tag has said that ” Only for indoor venues”. As for the wear resistance, it is OK because of its good materials. When the sole is worn to a certain extent,the grip will increase in contrast.

The laces are oval while the lace head is round,which makes it easy to enter the hole.

Overall : The Air Jordan XX 9 is more suitable for guards. It needs little time to break in and helps you start up quickly.It works well in grip though the cushion is just so so and the upper support is a bit bad, I just want to say it is very comfortable to wear it out. If you are considering making it as your next target of purchase,then why not just grab one ? Trust me,it can’t let you down.

Air Jordan XX(20) Performance Review

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The Air Jordan brand always stands for Nike’s excellent ability. The Air Jordan 12 is the first sneaker that has carbon board + zoom and while the Air Jordan 11 is the pinnacle of air sole. They are both very popular .Then how about the Air Jordan XX ?

Launched in 2005, the Air Jordan XX means it was Nike and Jordan Brand’s 20th anniversary. This “Varsity Red” was the first colorway to leak to sneaker forums and the first to hit retail in February 2005. If you want more information then here we check…

For its appearance : it’s true that the appearance is important because it adds extra points to its impression in your heart. The Air Jordan XX’s prototype is moto and when I first saw it I was quite fond of its streamlined shoe body . The large area of velcro with “Varsity Red” colorway make the shoe look pretty noble,which can not see from the Air Jordan 19 and 21 .

After all,just as the old saying goes” the benevolent sees the benevolence and the wise sees wisdom ”.For this aspect,I would say everyone has his own ideas.

For the wrapping and responsive :

The Air Jordan XX is soft not only because of its cushion setup,but also because of its midsole materials. The Jordan XX has been equipped with a pretty material in the midsole. Though it has used IPS tech,there is also an air sole put in the inner.

As for the responsive, Jordan XX’s responsive is much stronger than Zoom and Air Sole and so is the cushion setup. As I mentioned,the shoe is soft thus you can comfortably wear it on court and play to the fullest.Also,the wrapping is great. The inner boot wraps your foot pretty well and honestly speaking, I really enjoy it. However, because there are some issues that make me feel uncomfortable thus I highly recommend you buy a bigger size. Firstly, the shoe doesn’t have a tongue thus making it hard to put the shoe on. Second,the velcro will stick to your pants or another shoe frequently,which brings some inconvenience. Next,you might feel uncomfortable if you don’t wear high-top socks. Finally, the velcro might be not so durable.


For the stability and support :

The outer side of the shoe protrudes to prevent the foot from flipping outward,which is a pretty easy design but very effective.

The heel fillers is sufficient and wrap your ankle tightly and above all, it can avoid some dangers.This Jordan XX is in fact a low-top one,so it can’t be more suitable to wear it out in daily life. In terms of its support and stability, it does very well so your will rarely get injuried. In other words, there is no much difference between low-top ones and high-top ones.

The velcro is equipped in order to make up for the negative impact of the absence of the carbon board in the shoe.

For its grip : I once suspected that the shoe’s grip is not good. However,the moment I saw the traction I just can’t help but think that I am going to receive some awesome traction with harringbone in place. And not until I wore them did I knew how well the grip works. Though there are some slippy issues when changing movements,it does not matter and it will not influence much.

Here I have to mention that wiping sometimes will does help because the traction will invite dust to its surface during your games which is bad for your performance.

For its durability : the shoe’s durability is not bad at least for me . I have to say without any exaggeration that the Air Jordan XX is the most durable in the whole 20-23 owing to its texture and grains. And different colors have different degrees of durability especially the pure white and black,they are pretty easy to crack. If your Air Jordan XX has been smoothed then you can freely wear it out and it will not influence its still excellent performance.

Overall : I am happy I can just get one pair of Air Jordan XX. It is not because f anything but simple because it is one of my more favorite and I am looking forward to playing in it.

On a personal level, I think everything of the shoe is first class. If you are seeking some bouncy feeling or some great grip or even some excellent support then why not grab a pair of Air Jordan 16? It can’t let you down.

Nike LeBron 16 Performance Review

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The sixteenth signature shoe by Nike for LeBron James – the Nike Lebron 16 ,was officially released on September 20th.

Throughout LeBron James’ evolution as a player and a man,he has always had Nike by his side. And the design team is always trying to do their best. Of course, the LeBron 16 is nothing short of impressive. Honestly speaking,when I first saw the shoes ,I must admit that its charm is so fascinating that I even stared at it for a long time.

This signature sneaker is Nike especially created for LeBron James .As a NBA super star,James not only has strong dominance on court, but also performs excellently  out of court.

Then as James’ brand-new sneaker,will the LeBron 16 perform as greatly as its owner ? Here let’s check…

For its appearance :

The LeBron 16 is one of the top sneakers in the world and it is fashion as well. Its new materials,designs and some fashion elements all make it so appealing. It looks simple though, it is still charming. The shoe body is mainly black and with simple woven upper that a layer of bright red light is revealed.

At the heel part,there is a lion logo which is vivid,showing its majesty like a king. It is a symbol of James and it also represents James’ outstanding ability and domineering on the court!

For the wrapping :

Most consumers have said that the LeBron shoes are very light. On a personal level,if it is compared with the regular Flyknit then I would prefer the texture, comfort, and flexibility provided by the BattleKnit material in the upper of the shoe.

Thanks to the good wrapping, we will not experience any heel slippage or side-to-side movements. Though there are some complaints that the shoe can’t provide enough ankle support and foot containment, I would say it is just after some getting along with it can you know whether it is qualified or not. After all,everyone has his own idea.

For the cushion :

For this aspect,you will know that the bounce and feedback felt from the Zoom units is incredible if you have experienced. But objectively speaking, this setup is not perfect .It has some issues,either. You may also run into some instability during your games but it will not affect the shoes’ performance as a whole.

Just as many people has said,the LeBron 16 has really good cushioning because of the Zoom and Max Air combination in the midsole and I can’t agree more.

For the grip :

The sharpness of the traction pattern works because the outsole does not attract a lot of dust thus frequent wiping is unnecessary. During the actual combat, the traction will bite the court tightly like crazy glue. But I don’t recommend playing out in this LeBron 16 for the traction might be not durable .And it doesn’t need much time breaking in not only because of the great grip but also for its premium, stretchy, and lightweight materials.

Compared with the last version,LeBron 16 has been fully upgraded in technology. At the request of James,the shoe was changed from high-top into lower top which greatly helps James to move freely during exercise.

As for the upper,the LeBron 16 has been equipped with Battleknit 2.0 tech.Not only is this material strong and absorbs the impact of traversing ,but it also successfully streamlines all the extra layers that can affect James’ speed.

And for the midsole cushion,it is changed as well. The novel design can decrease the shoe’s weight and meanwhile offers extra support.

In addition, except for this black/red colorway there is also a just released one which is ”Harlem’s Fashion Row” and especially designed for female.

Overall :

I am quite satisfied with the LeBron 16 as it fits me quite well. The cushion,materials, fit and grip are all its highlights while the cushion is the best Nike has offered for many years.No one pair of shoes are perfect,so if you’d like to ignore some of its shortcomings then you will enjoy it greatly.

Better Nike Kobe A.D: Kobe AD Mid or AD Nxt 360 or A.D. Exdous

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The Kobe AD Mid, Kobe AD NXT 360 and Kobe AD Exodus have just released and now they are all available at the retailer shelves . However, when the three get together,definitely we will inevitably think which pair will be better and more suitable for actual combat. For this kind of problem,today we will give you more information which may help you a lot .

First let’s take a review. Let’s start with the kobe ad mid . The upper is mainly made of the suede and the inner is equipped with the Flywire dynamic flying line . In addition, a layer of artificial leather reinforcement is attached between the upper and the midsole.

But for Kobe AD NXT 360, the whole upper is equipped with a flyknit nylon weaving technology which directly connects the upper and the midsole. And on top of that,it also uses dofferent weaving density according to the different parts of the shoe to realize the integrated weave structure.

As for the latest released Kobe AD Exodus,its upper is almost made of suede as well. And  the large stitching makes the shoes look more like a casual shoe but a basketball shoe . Simple in terms of the upper setting , this shoe is very special. But because its new technologies,the shoe hasn’t have excellent wrapping . Therefore, the upper support is the worst of the three.

After some time playing outdoors, we can clearly see there is a certain degree of damages on the upper which can not be reversed. However , the relatively thicker sponge in the heel will help greatly.It can offer full impact protection for the wearer and make Kobe AD Mid better resist the force exerted by the ankle. For the midsole, the Kobe AD Mid is equipped with full-foot LUNARLON cushion with heel Zoom Air cushion.

The setting of midsole of Kobe AD Exodus is the simplest of the three models. At the back of the shoe,it has only used a piece of CAGE ZOOM AIR cushion.

Combining with this three models’ actual performance ,the Kobe AD Mid is more excellent than the Kobe Nxt 360 because the former can better protect our ankle. Though the flexibility is a bit absent ,the Kobe AD Mid is just better.

In terms of the wear resistance of the outsole,the Kobe Nxt 360’s performance is the worst for the shoe’s outsole is damaged the most so far. Its softer outsole and the outsole design both make the shoe not wear-resistance  while the Kobe AD Mid performs the best in this aspect. For the grip I should say honestly that Kobe Nxt 360 is the best of the three and it ensures excellent performance on wooden floors as it can hug the floor tightly.

So after some more information maybe you’ve had your choice and which pair will we recommend is self-evident. Though the design of Kobe Nxt 360 is novel and excellent,the tech in the shoe is not so mature that the midsole setting is not qualified. While the cheapest one – Kobe AD Mid stands out by its great wrapping and midsole setting.

Honestly speaking, the Kobe AD Mid is nearly perfect,but,it is still not perfect in fact. The shoe is not easy to care for and the upper is easy to be damaged,either. And the shoe tongue makes its wrapping decreased to a certain degree.

However,if you’ve fallen in love with Kobe AD Mid then we also highly recommend you buy a pair of thicker socks to make up for some of the kobe ad mid.


On a personal level,I am quite fond of the Kobe series not only for its excellent performance but also for  its monumental significance. Combining the price of these shoes, it can be said that the meaning is greater than the function. However, the new KOBE AD series also needs to be positioned to allow the Mamba spirit to continue.

Nike Flyknit Racer Performance Review

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Nike shoes have always been very popular worldwide, but it also offers a fantastic selection of racing shoes and spikes . As a Flyknit running shoe , the Nike Flyknit Racer is very popular as well .

Honestly speaking, the moment I saw the shoes ,I thought I must have fallen in love with it. And it is popular as a running performance shoe as well as a lifestyle sneaker. Then let’s check…


When I first wore the shoe ,the first impression it gave me is that it was very very light. The perfect combination of black and white is very pleasing to the eye. The visible Flyknit woven fabric visually gives us coolness. Just imagine that if you can own a pair of Nike Flyknit Racer and then play and run on them, what a cool thing !


For the upper : looking at the upper, it features Nike’s unique Flyknit design which  provides not only extremely solid flexibility,but also breathability and support. As I mentioned,the upper is made of Flyknit woven fabric.And with a proper thickening treatment,it is more beneficial to the shaping and reinforcement of the scorpion type.

The forefoot upper consists of three parts. The outer ring black and white woven W-shaped overlap is very dense;the middle part is mainly white while the inner part has many holes so that breathability is ensured. On a personal level, if it is compared with pure white or pure black upper, I prefer the former to later.

For the durability : the materials used in the shoes are very good which is worth the price . And it is the good materials that do great help in durability. The shoe is light that it will not give you any burden .This could be a good thing for those using the shoe for everyday use or running. As the name suggests, it is a racing shoe. For those who are planning to exclusively use the shoe for racing then the Nike Flyknit Racer will offer you plenty of durabilities.


The insole is simple with white background and black letters,while the other side is made of green special foam material with the relevant brand name .


For the breathability : as you can see,the Nike Flyknit Racer is super breathable as a product of the previously mentioned Flyknit upper design . Its special design allows great air to flow in.

Pulling out the insole,it is very clear that the soles are well-lined and there is no broken line. From the images we can know how breathable the flyknit fabric is.


For the grip : the shoe is very good in this regard. It has equipped black and white double eva in the midsole and there are two streamlined grooves in the forefoot which offers space during motion. And the shoe has exceptional traction,which aids the shoe in gripping the ground almost every direction. However,on super clean floors rather than the roads,the traction may be a bit less effective.


Overall : on a personal level, the first feeling it gives me is super light which makes me feel like I am wearing nothing. Though the cushion setup is not excellent,however,it is the Flyknit that is the shoe’s biggest highlight. The breathability, simple and nice appearance are just appealing. If you like running then the Nike Flyknit Racer  will be your solid choice.