Air Jordan XXXIII “Tech Pack” Performance Review

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If you read the sneaker new or facebook and other site , you will found that the Air Jordan XXXIII released ,and a lot of basketball stars and fans are looking forward before it released , of course ,including me .

The first Air Jordan XXXIII “Tech Pack” with black, red and blue three colors, I got one. so luck am I .I felt  the FastFit locking system and Flight Speed shock absorber technology of the Jordan 33. So I want to share the performance with you.



For the Air Jordan XXXIII,  the look is cool ,when I received the shoes, it is was the look that I was told that the forefoot was tightened up by the parachute cord and FastFit system while the rear of the shoe was tightened by the red strap with PULL.So we ust pull the center  by the ring can be quickly fastening , and Jordan Brand is the first pair of sneakers to use this technology,so the experience of Jordan shoes is amazing .



The following picture shows that the Air Jordan XXXIII will offer a wide range of color options, each with a different story and meaning. The enlarged tongue and the erected shoe are like the highest for the predecessor “Air jordan III”. Then put the Jumpman logo on the tongue, the heel is the Nike logo and the word “AIR”, it is quite handsome.


Air Jordan XXXIII’s main technology— FastFit system .you can see the operation principle of FastFit technology from the transparent circular groove directly under the sneakers. This technology can link the tongue and the heel pull ring, just pull up the devil felt on both sides, and then “PULL” it up, so the upper drawstring and quickly tighten the foot cable.



However, how to remove the FastFit technology of shoe?Just simply pull down the “yellow pull ring” on both sides ,then you can  allow the feet to lock quickly and relax. The process can be completed in less than 5 seconds.It is fast and easy .


The Air Jordan XXXIII  released is a annual event of Jordan Brand.  tried loosening the rear strap because that was the area where I began to feel the chaffing against my arch and, to my surprise, it just got worse.


Air Jordan XXXIII is a classic design with a sleek design, and it is a domineering announcement to all shoe fans: Prepare to Fly!


I have to say that this white and gold Air Jordan XXXIII “Future Flight” is one of the most worthy colors to buy . It has a shadow of the initial version of  Air jordan III, which makes people more and more like it. At the same time, the midsole is the highlight of Air Jordan XXXIII. The latest Flight Speed and Nike Zoom Air air cushion combination is the same technology as the 4 %  of Nike Zoom Vapor Fly  carbon fiber board .So will you exciting for the performance ?


For the  rear strap,it is really look awesome .I found  that the rear strap was actually tied directly to the forefoot’s FastFit system. More importantly, there are parachute cables attached to the medial side of it where it feeds into the interior of the shoe. Two cable strands make their way across my arch and into the footbed of the shoe where it then feeds into the visible system installed under the arch of the shoe.

For the fitting :I am tall 187 cm, weight 78 kg, wide foot, low arch, and slightly flat feet. I felt the feeling of the Air Jordan XXXIII is nice . but I suggest you can start from the over a half of size , but personally think that the Air Jordan XXXIII shoe type is narrow, especially the inside of the midfoot arch is a bit high, walking around and found the arch is a bit sour.

For the traction.Traction is slightly better than the 32 — much like traction on the 32 was slightly better than what was used on the 31.was found that the Air Jordan XXXIII midsole was a “hard” route. The Zoom Air landing on the forefoot was very sensible, and several accelerations were effectively converted into propulsion. As the body gradually warmed up, the shoes were inside. The space and the cover of the foot are slowly fitted.

Materials are comfortable, light, and breathable, and they haven’t shown any signs of wear just yet other than being a little dirty.








Although the Flight Speed and Nike Zoom Air cushions are the same as the Nike Zoom VaporFly 4% carbon fiber board, the 4% of the Air Jordan XXXIII and Nike Zoom VaporFly are different.I really enjoying Flight Speed system anyway .

Overall :the Air Jordan 33 is amazing. because I’m now able to enjoy the shoe once again and complete testing it for the full performance review.The Air Jordan XXXIII is not just a pair of practical combat boots, but also the fashion sneakers,the Air Jordan XXXIII is really cool

Close Look at Nike Ambassador 11 ,Is It Any Upgraded ?

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King James has been making headlines all over the world this year — whether it be for changing teams, creating a public school for Akron’s children, or his sneaker line (which keeps getting better and better).For his shoes, I was surprised this time. Especially the Nike Ambassador 11 released  be low-key status, it is didn’t like the LeBron 16 .This is because the Nike LeBron Ambassador 11 is an overseas-exclusive model that we wish would be released here in the States.

We will check the Nike Ambassador 11 details as below.

For the box, it is special with the gold logo with the Nike Ambassador XI . it is look great .

The Nike Ambassador line is usually the only overseas exclusive models for all of the LeBron James basketball line-ups.  the Ambassador 11 will get new tooling, a new upper, aggressive new XDR traction, and a striking weather-resistant shroud. The shroud is similar to what has been used on the Jordan Jumpman Hustle and should offer protection for those that hoop in the rain.

Someone said that it is similar with the sneaker of  Lining . Allover look was similar , including the material of the upper ,and the over design of shoes ,except the  design of velcro is different.

After comparison of various angles, we don’t know whether there is  plagiarism.But the design of the look, even the details, they are so similar. Seriously, The design logic of the wrap layer, the velcro design on the side, and the lines in the tongue area, they are similar too .

In fact, as early as when I did the evaluation of lining  11 last year, I found that they are similar with  this shoes ,including the modeling problem between Nike Ambassador  and Curry 4, “the design of the sneakers tends to be much the same in many aspects. In some cases, the design is similar, it is can not avoid.


For the material : I think Nike is still taking care of this time. Compared with last year version , the Ambassador 11 is be better.The nike Ambassador 10 just followed  the Ambassador 9 , including the  midsole or the outsole, the materials are relatively similar .  This time, the Ambassador 11 just have been a completely upgraded. First of all, the texture and materials are more stronger, and there is also a significant improvement in workmanship.The quilted textile used on the Ambassador 10 will also be returning, and it will be used on more than just the ankle pillow/bootie. Branding like the “23” at the tongue, LeBron’s jersey number, and the “330” at the medial heel, the area code for LeBron’s hometown of Akron, Ohio, give this latest sneaker good LeBron tie-ins.


That shroud will secure via Velcro at the lateral midfoot and traditional laces are included beneath it.

For the cushioning : It is also the most reliable of  cushion system–air cushion. I believe that Nike can still use this technology very well. By the way,  the use of the zoom cushion .The Ambassador 11s look to feature a full-on aggressive looking outsole, that looks very similar to the Nike LeBron Soldier 12.

I played in the Ambassador 9 indoors (clean and super dirty courts), and again, not once did I have to wipe. No matter what type of movement I made, I was able to make a stop on a dime without hesitation, and the Nike Ambassador 11 actually did some upgrade for allover look.


Here are  some pictures of these two kind of shoes .we can look at it closely .

Nike Ambassador 11 did a great of innovative, especially for the layer of fabric on the upper, using waterproof materials, including the various logos on the insole also shows the attitude of nike, this is a pair of all-weather shoes. We also did some waterproof experiments. it is really help a lot of these apart.


Nike is also did a  great of the logo  and on the inside of the shoes, there is a similar font embellishment of Off White.


For the traction : the a new traction pattern underfoot features wide groove and multi-directional coverage with an articulation groove at the forefoot. We felt a great  for the XDR traction.The Nike Ambassador line is usually the only overseas exclusive models for all of the LeBron James basketball line-ups.The wrap-around along the lateral traction helps with hard cuts without losing any transitional movement either. XDR rubber outsole and its traction pattern, the shoe works great whether you choose to play indoors or outdoors.

For supporting , it jus  so so.I like the Jordan shoes much.

Overall ,the Ambassador 11s look to feature a full-on aggressive looking outsole, that looks very similar to the Nike LeBron Soldier 12 and  LeBron 16. As Lebron new shoes , compare with the LeBron 16,  which shoes will you like ?

Adidas Yeezy 500 Utility Black Performance Review

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I guess you would feel very happy to waited the new sneaker –Adidas Yeezy 500 Utility Black. There was a Good news that the shoe has been  drop worldwide at select retailers so you can easily get one in-store or online store .

First of all, let’s have a look at the shoe closely today .

We can check the box, as usually  the traditional symbol of Yeezy  series on the box,but for people who are the shoe’s fans, they don’t be surprised.

For the shoe’s appearance, you’ll feel it very mediocre when you first see it. Like the other colorways of the Yeezy 500, the iteration continues the monochromatic trend and comes predominantly in one color: black. Indeed, its pure black setup makes it look unnoticeable,but if you observe it carefully you’ll find many surprises. And don’t be worried,there is also another colorway which you can have a shot in the pictures below.

On a personal level, I think the Yeezy 500 is a special existence . Though it is a Yeezy sneaker,however, it was not equipped with the Boost.But,it is just because of this that it is more unique than other versions.

In terms of the shoe’s texture I would say it feels pretty soft and comfortable. The toe is totally made of suede so it is very comfortable to wear. If you do like the suede material then it is really a good choice for you I think.


When you see it from a different direction you’ll surprisingly find it very beautifully,which is different from the toe that is very bloated.

For the its grip :The grains of the outsole look very pleasing to the eye though the tech of the sole is not so useful, it did have some marks. There is no rubber outsole,but it works not bad whether indoors or outdoors.

Seeing the outsole we can rest assured that the shoe is durable and non-slip. In addition to that, it is very suitable to wear it outdoors though it was not meant for performance and as such, it’s generally advised to stay away from the courts .But for daily wearing,it is still good.


As for the wrapping, I’d like to mention it that the heel wrapping is great and wraps your foot very well,maybe better than you expected.But one shortcoming( I’ve mentioned before) is that it is not so functional.


If regardless of other aspects,but just take a detailed look at the upper you will know whether the shoe is worth the price. Looking at the upper carefully,you’ll find that it is made of 5 materials and looks exquisite.

Here I would attach some pictures in order that you can make a comparison between the two pairs yourself.





Overall : How do you think the adidas Yeezy 500 in triple black?Have you fall in love with it or does it successfully catch your attention ?If so,why not pick one? I am sure you can’t be disappointed.



Harden Vol.3 ,Is It the Most Greatest Version of Adidas ?

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As the third version of the  signature boots, people are always willing to give them a high expectation, just like the new adidas Harden Vol.3.This past NBA season, James Harden finally got the credit from the league that he had been deserving for years. Easily one of the league’s most gifted scorers and playmakers, the Beard took home his first NBA MVP award and was one win – and a Chris Paul injury – away from dethroning one of sport’s most dominant dynasties.

We will close look at this shoes today .


adidas and Harden are gearing up to release the adidas Harden Vol. 3 this October in wake of the 2018-19 NBA campaign. With the addition of Melo to the Rockets bench and rumors swirling regarding a potential trade for Jimmy Butler, this may finally be the year Houston is able to get over their Dubs-shaped hump.


“When I’m out on the court making moves, making guys fall or I’m changing direction… that’s all in the shoe” Harden said. “If we weren’t thinking about that stop-and-go mindset when we we’re creating these shoes, those moves just wouldn’t work. Slow down fast doesn’t make sense, but my game doesn’t make sense. I don’t think you’ve ever seen anyone play this way.” Harden said  that the slow down will get the new sense and new idea.


Harden Vol.3 followed the technology of two version, with full-length Boost , providing superior feedback and rebound performance, and maintaining stable energy feedback; the forefoot position is added with TPU stable material. Enhanced application for rollover prevention and a classic “Y” anti-twist system in the midsole for a strong performance.

Arden Vol.3 does not use the popular one-piece woven upper design, but builds the upper with relatively traditional knit material, providing a stable breathability and wrapping performance while also designing the web through the forefoot. To provide a more tough package, giving the two feet a firmer lock fit experience in actual combat.

The Harden Vol. 3’s massive BOOST sole unit offers incredible energy return with every stride, while herringbone was added to high-traffic areas for additional stability, giving the sharp shooter the ability to decelerate with ease.


Adidas releasing Halden Vol. 3  in two space-themed colors – “Voyager” color scheme and “Cosmos” color scheme. The “Voyager” color scheme will be presented in a silver-gray theme, while the “Cosmos” color scheme will appear in black and white. Williams looks at the city of Harden’s team, Houston, as the main source of design inspiration and the source of the story of this year’s shoes.

For the traction :

Harden Vol.3 uses a herringbone design, which is also the best shoes to  focus on actual performance. Whether it’s an emergency stop or a breakthrough, Harden Vol.3 is the perfect way to manage these different styles and maintain a long-lasting balance.



The midsole still uses the full-length BOOST, which continues the energy-rewarding characteristics of the Harden signature series. The forefoot not only adds the strength of the TPU stabilizer to enhance the lateral support, but also adds an elastic webbing design to the upper to fit the feet, providing stable support and protection for the feet in the unpredictable high-intensity competition.

The outside of the tongue is Harden’s personal logo, and the inside is the nickname “Lucky” that Harden’s mother took.

Harden’s personal elements are show in the Harden Vol.3, first of all the Harden handwritten signature of the front of the shoe’s front strap:


Secondly, the Harden back number “13” in the form of Roman numerals on both sides of the shoe.



I believe that many fans who like Harden have already got the new adidas Harden Vol.3 for the first time.We will looking forward to check the performance when we got it .please stay tuned to our site .


Air Jordan 33 Close Look ,Whats The New Changing ?

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“This year’s game shoe, the AJ XXXIII, is the first basketball shoe to feature FastFit technology, which provides ultimate lockdown to prepare athletes for flight,” Michael Jordan said.

If there is going to be a pair of sneakers that can affect the attention of the sneaker world every year, then this  must be the AJ XXXIII which  Michael Jordan’s original  new signature shoes.

It is undoubtedly a high-profile month for Nike. In the past, we have been not only the attention on the Air Jordan 1, Also the super popular shoes such as PSNY , but when it comes to a truly milestone and worthy of the new look, there is still a new Air Jordan 33.

Every year, Jordan is presenting a conference for new shoes, because Jordan is a new design concepts and superior technology . Therefore, as the latest  masterpiece of shoe, Air Jordan 33 naturally carries the expectation of the brand and the market.


Jordan Brand has tapped the concept of  practical first in spacesuits, and the design has drawn a lot of inspiration from it. It combines the flying aesthetics and practical technology advocated by the brand to create a kind of air Jordan 33. And performance, and accurate to the latest technological masterpiece of every part.


Much like other heralded silhouettes throughout the Jumpman’s illustrious lore – the likes of the iconic Air Jordan 3 – the 33 boasts its FastFit technology as a part of its aesthetic make-up, abandoning the idea of a conventional lacing system for a newly engineered lockdown fit.

Innovative FastFit system acts like a racing harness for your foot.Lightweight textile upper with leather and synthetic overlays provides support that won’t weigh you down.

David Creech, VP of design for Jordan Brand, touched on the 33 and more of what’s to come from the brand in the future. According to Creech, a new design concept known as Flight Utility will be employed across a number of products including the Jordan 33.

FastFit technology

Technology  has always been one of the most popular focus of the boots, not to mention the Air Jordan or other brands , the Air Jordan 33 is equipped with the new FastFit lifting system, and boldly canceled the traditional lace design .At the same time, it brings a new solution to the improvement of the performance of the sneaker package, and it is also a bold challenge to the traditional aesthetic concept.


Unlike traditional lacing systems, the addition of FastFit technology allows the Air Jordan 33 to provide a tight package experience after tightening the heel and the shoe at the tongue position, quickly debuting and saving the time of the tie; for the same reason, the FastFit system can be adjusted to loosen the feet for the more efficient and more humanized lace experience at the end of the game.


Setting : Zoom Air+FlightSpeed setting has been amazing.

Air Jordan 33 uses the Zoom Air cushion + FlightSpeed anti-twist system. The strength combines two super popular technology to bring a comfortable experience and comfortable performance. It also reflects the Jordan brand, which pursuit of technology and innovation.




Zoom Air is already an excellent cushioning technology that has been tested by the market, and the FlightSpeed anti-twist system has been widely recognized in previous generations of Air Jordan boots. The combination of this pair of new technology is Air Jordan 33.


The Air Jordan 33 had the arch of the foot, which is a complete demonstration of the workings of FastFit Technology and the process of tightening and loosening the cable.  Jordan Brand’s designers have also completed the combination of Zoom Air and FlightSpeed technology, and the perfect integration with the new FastFit technology. Creech said in a press release. “As designers, we see ourselves as problem-solvers. When you start with innovation, it leads you to someplace new.”



After Air Jordan came to the thirtieth version, Jordan Brand add elements for the new one, such as the tribute to the Air Jordan’s first-generation AJ31, and the tribute to the second-generation AJ32, etc. . Similarly, in the Air Jordan 33, in addition to the charm of the future technology, you can also see the classic Air Jordan 3 elements.



Air Jordan has a rich enough story to show on the latest shoes.Nike Air heel branding harkens back to the Jordan 3 through Jordan 6. Under the hood, the 33 combines Jordan Brand’s Flight Speed technology and a Nike Zoom Air unit in an effort to propel it to the top of today’s hoops-engineered sneaker pantheon.