Air Jordan 4 Tattoo Performance Review

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From OG’s to Retro version to a variety of joint shoes, Air Jordan 4 has brought us enough classics shoes.Now Nike has been bought Air Jordan 4 Tattoo to us this time, it has been amazing .

We will heck it today .

This Jordan 4 is predominately covered in a basketball graphic print on its leather-based upper and tongue. Red and black accents continue on the eyelets, netting and Jumpman branding on both the tongue and heel tab. As of now, not much information has been provided in reference to the inspiration behind the graphic print.


This one is amazing .Sporting a black, red, and white construction, its upper dons an all-over basketball tattoo graphic with “Air Jordan” embroidered under its tongue in graffiti-style font.


The Air Jordan 4 “Tattoo” pays more attention to the beauty of the shoes in terms of original comfort. The shoes are mainly black, white and red. The whole pair of shoes is made of a lot of leather, and the heels are around with leather. The biggest design highlight of the whole pair of shoes is that a large area of black and white graffiti is added to the upper, and the black and red two-color details are embellished, and the overall effect is good. In line with the Tattoo tattoo theme, the ink painting style of the graffiti is faintly visible in the basketball pattern.



The unique air pattern of the Air Jordan 4 “Tattoo” comes from the 400ml design of the Chinese graffiti team. It combines hip-hop, graffiti, tattoo and other street cultures.The biggest design highlight of the whole pair of shoes is the large black and white graffiti on the upper. It match the Tattoo tattoo theme. The ink painting style graffiti can see the basketball pattern. So how do you think about it ?


For the material :


For traction :

I think the traction a little pretty solid. Whether you are moving from front to back or side to side, the traction can keep up but the gripping have been not very great. I do think the newer style of herringbone is much more functional ,It is the same as last version .But overall you can’t complain.The Air Jordan I has had the best overall traction .In my opinion .I think the traction just not influence the overall .

For the cushioning : encapsulated Air  again in the forefoot with a heel Air unit along with a Polyurethane midsole. This is design was  the same as last model . There are nothing special for this is kind of shoes.netting and Jumpman branding on both the tongue and heel tab

For the supporting : There are add some sponge ,so it will comfortable more superior lockdown provide you with enough support throughout to make these enjoyable to play in at positions 1-4.

Looking good is also an important factor. Most people make a first impression about you from the kind of shoes you are wearing and by most I mean women. She can tell if you are concerned about your appearance or not and also how much you are worth and the kind of gifts that you are able to give him

Overall,  Air Jordan 4 Tattoo–this makes it a comfortable and stylish shoe. The insoles give you an arch support that ensures that your feet maintain the proper leverage. They come in many colors and depending on your color choice they can be worn with any outfit for any occasion.

Reviews and Close Look At Air Jordan XXXIII PE

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The start of the college basketball season is a little over a month away, but the UNC Tar Heels aren’t wasting any time preparing their exclusives  in Greater China, Jordan Brand athlete Guo Ailun’s PE version of the Air Jordan 33 will feature a white-based makeup accented the clear jade hits throughout。

So we will look at the review today


Jordan 33 will feature a white-based makeup accented the clear jade hits throughout. Additional details include a “G” printed on the left tongue for Guo.

Becoming a member of Jordan  is  Guo Ailun dream, he said he has  been fantasizing since he was young, like Michael Jordan who lead the team . Now this dream has become a goal. he will work hard with the Jordan brand to express love of basketball to more people.


Jordan Brand released the first pair of players’ shoes for the new generation of Chinese basketball players who are rushing on the court and have a clear personality—Air Jordan XXXII Low PE

Jordan Brand directly places the personal logo in the position of the tongue. This logo, which was personally designed by Guo Ailun, was inspired by the powerful and powerful Chinese ancient weapons, and the “13” and “6” representing the club and the national team’s back number were skillfully combined to represent the head of “Guo”. The letter “G”.


The Logo has been strikingly upgraded, and the motto inside the tongue has been preserved. The motto of “The Heart is in my mind” has inspired the attitude of Guo Ailun to become even better, and he wants to pass I will try my best to pass this attitude.

The Air Jordan XXXIII PE of each NCAA school team has unique details, and thanks to the larger tongue, the school logo can be displayed as much as possible and quickly recognized on the field. In addition, because of the different weaving order, the details of the embroidery on the tongue make the Logo more three-dimensional and more layered. Currently unveiled at the University of North Carolina, Georgetown University, Marquette University, University of Michigan, University of Oklahoma and University of Florida. And most of them have two styles to meet the needs of the home and away. There are no news of external sales, but in recent years, this type of NCAA color matching Jordan Brand shoes have been sold in designated styles, and maybe the low-end style Air Jordan XXXIII will be released .

This PE pair alternates between UNC embroidery on the right shoe and the standard Jumpman logo on the left.Also the tongue also has the Jordan Brand.

Featuring heel and forefoot Zoom Air, a FlightSpeed plate, and a brand-new (to the brand) laceless FastFit system, the Air Jordan 33 is once again thinking outside of the box.


For the Traction: The traction used the translucent traction.I like this traction very much , but it is not easy too keep clean.The traction’s grip will be better.Great traction especially on clean floors but not in the top tier across the spectrum of conditions. I think this traction will be better than the translucent XXXI mid and low outsole. The Air Jordan logo on the center which look more cool.It sticks like glue on clean floors and slightly dusty floor but you still have to wipe dust off when dust is accumulates on the outsole. You can actually see the loose dust just sitting on these.

Unlocked Zoom in the forefoot and a nice big heel Zoom makes these feel like the Zoom , it is look cool.





Nike Kyrie 5 Performance Review

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The Boston Celtics got one last practice in before their 2018-2019 NBA season opener against the Philadelphia Sixers, with star point guard Kyrie Irving debuting his upcoming signature shoe, the Nike Kyrie 5. Kyrie 5,the pinnacle of the Kyrie series;The strongest weapon of  Pierre Jackson, in the CBA arena.Jackson said that it is perfect shoes ,But how about the performance ?

We will check the performance.

The Kyrie 5 features some of the signature details such as the extended outsole that wraps up the midsole that tends to Irving’s low-to-the-ground tendency,It is look cool and seems upgrade compare with last model.

The  Nike Kyrie series released in 2014 made up for the gap in the Nike low-end price signature shoes at that time. With low price and stable performance, this shoes  occupied the market quickly and has been popular .Kyrie Irving now as the brand  superstar of Nike,Nike have to designed a  best shoe for him. The design focuses on the flexibility, responsiveness, grip, etc. required by the backcourt players.

We look at whole series of Kyrie shoes, there are different performance and focusing point.

Nike Kyrie 1: Forefoot Zoom Air,  with 360 degree dynamic grip , Hyperfuse upper.
Nike Kyrie 2: With cushioning Zoom Air, curved outsole design, with vamp straps.
Nike Kyrie 3: With cushioning Zoom Air, outsole curved surface design and forefoot independent grip module, front foot beam design combined with Flywire flying line.
Nike Kyrie 4: With Zoom Air cushioning Zoom, outsole curved surface design and unique groove pattern, forefoot Flywire flying line.


The Nike Kyrie series is not very demanding on cushioning and emphasizes response and flexibility at a limited cost. But because of the special curved outsole that I used since Nike Kyrie 2, Zoom Air had to move to the heel position. In addition, the Nike Kyrie series is constantly improving the cladding system to improve the wrapping and support.


The most different is the cushioning  upgraded .Based on the traditional Zoom Air, the Nike Air Zoom Turbo air cushion increases the groove pattern in all directions while ensuring sufficient air cushion capacity. These groove patterns allow the Zoom Air to be more easily bent in all directions without reducing the capacity and without reducing the area, but increase the flexibility of the foresole.



For the performance of this shoe , I felt all of part of shoe are enjoying the game .


For the material of  Kyrie 5 , a new Flytrap lockdown system, resembling a mid-foot shroud that extends from the medial side also got our attention .Designer Nethongkome said that the Flywire technology can closely fit the feet with the Nike Air Zoom Turbo, expanding the rebound of the forefoot of the feet. In pursuit of perfect, it also enhances comfort when we playing. As the Nike Air Zoom Turbo further increases flexibility, try to ensure a sufficient sense of wrapping.

For the supporting : The supporting actually great .Compare with the Kyrie 4, I like this one very much .The geometric pattern comes from the Fatima hand on kyrie’s left arm. It is essentially the same as the curved outsole of previous generations. The geometric pattern brings more flexibility, which makes it easy to bend the outsole and increase the flexibility of the forefoot too. For Kyrie, a player who often makes a very large change, it is undoubtedly guaranteed the stability of the Kyrie 5’s sole.


For the traction : Actually it is followed the Kyrie 4 . We can expect a stretch of energetic and inspired colorway concepts that made the Kyrie 4 a constant in the sneaker headlines. This type of coverage worked really well on a variety of courts and conditions. Although the outsoles started off a bit slick the first couple of nights it is the same with Kyrie 4, I mean the performance also the same too .



I love when traction patterns are aggressive yet traditional; this one mixes a little bit of the old with a little bit of the new.That made wiping the outsoles something that wasn’t required very often.


The new lace system also  structure with the new lacing method is obvious. Compared to the strap design used by the Nike PG 1, the Flytrap is larger and more reliable. Compared to traditional straps, Flytrap is more flexible, just like the “Flyrus” used by Nike Kyrie 5 has three lace holes, and it is very easy to add or reduce a shoelace hole for other shoes. This design can also be easily applied to other shoes, such as the Nike PG series.

Overall, The new form of Zoom Air  which more  flexibility to be compared with other Zoom Airs  shoes , and its built-in usage is almost the same as that of the traditional Zoom Air. It is easy to help the series to be updated.