Adidas CrazyLight 2018 Performance Review

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It has been years now since the Adidas CrazyLight line was born. Though the model once slid off the “light” rails ,it is back now with new materials and familiar cushioning. Then how does the Adidas CrazyLight 2018 perform? let’s go…


There is a full-length Boost which always works well. In this setup,it didn’t change much from its predecessor except for different caging.The forefoot’s external side is heavily caged with the semi-translucent rubber to ensure stable base when putting force on a lateral side, while BOOST on the internal side is wide open to absorb all the impact you put in,which offers stability for you keeps your feet contained. Meanwhile,the TPU piece in the soles also does great help I would say. As long as you place enough pressure on it, it responds quickly and offers you the fantastic bouncy feel you like ,just like stepping on a pillow.Definitely, this setup can’t let you down.


As you can see,there are very nice pliable rubber with very deep grooves.It is the irregular grains in the soles that play an important part in improving the grip of the shoes.But it does require some breaking in before it grips. With varying shapes and groove spacing from the CrazyLight Boost 2016, this one is solid, thick, and durable, thus the Crazylight Boost 2018 had serious grip on every surface.

Also,the dust can never be a problem because there are quite a few wide grooves that act as exit channels for dust to keep the bottoms clean once dust is present. So there is no need wiping every now and then and this saves your time.




Combining a breathable textile upper with the stability needed for an on-court performance sneaker just makes the Adidas CrazyLight 2018 more appealing.Though it doesn’t seem like an upgrade from its predecessor, it still has something to improve. There in the forefoot it uses a raised midsole and a long heel counter in the heel part which keeps the wearers’ feet from sliding around.

In addition, what’s more appealing about the textile upper is that it doesn’t require any break-in time at all. Just lace your laces tightly and the shoes are ready to serve you.I would say that the materials used in the shoes are great on the runners . All in all,the shoes overall work well.




On the one hand, the shoe fits true to size. It is not very hard to get in the shoes. On the other hand, there may be some extra room thus the slippy issues appear sometimes. Maybe the biggest problem is the heel slip, but thanks to the variable lacing at the collar the situation is alleviated.


This aspect is just good.Because of the TPU piece in the midsole the support of the midfoot is ensured and it’s just fantastic.

The Adidas CrazyLight 2018 is a bit heavy though, it has no big influence on the shoe’s support.The fillers in the shoe are a bit too soft to hold the foot in.As for the overall fit, personally I think there is nothing to complain about.And though the mesh may not look premium, it does feel great on-foot.


The CrazyLight 2018 has hit retailers for only $129 with nearly perfect cushion of the Boost. Different from other technologies ,the shoe’s soft and comfortable feeling will certainly make you fall in love with it.Though the shortcomings does really exist which is about the support and heel stability,I am sure that its overall performance will not let you down.