How to Repair The Upper of Air Jordan 11?

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As we know the upper of the Air Jordan 11 is really broken , split ,because of the material of the Air Jordan 11 actually  has been split easily .It is really sad if the shoes  that my loved was broken . So how to do if the upper was split or scratched when you have been not enough money to rebuy one ?

Today we will talking about it .

Jordan Brand will be releasing classic colorways along with new ones of the Air Jordan 11 ,and this one is my best favorite.This version of the Air Jordan 11 Low comes with a color scheme consisting of a Black nubuck upper accented by the Ash Grey patent leather placed on the toe and mudguard.



For the problem of spliting of Air Jordan 11,  there are proper nouns in the repair industry, called patch repair. Here we can explain to it is a repair, as the name suggests, the upper has a wound, scratches, and destroy the original appearance of the cortex, you need to use the cream to cover the wound, this is called a patch repair. Here again, the science supplement cream, maybe many people  do not know what is the cream ,here is two kind of cream.  one is solid, one is a flowing paste, if the upper or the hole in the shoe , if the broken hurt , then you can use the solid cream.And the other is slightly scratched, then you can paste. Refinishing, as the name implies, is covered with paint, and the front repair is prepared for painting.




Because of the splitting of upper, so we can use the cream directly . Then we need another tool which is sandpaper.


The density of this sandpaper is very thin, and it is used to repeatedly polish the repair cream on the upper. Some people may ask why  used the sandpaper ? Because the repair cream  used in the upper which  is still uneven. so the sandpaper can  polish the  cream to the  station of flatting .


we need to be careful , so as not to damage the original patent leather material.

When we see the station of the flatting  between the cream and upper, we need to another tool of repair. This is the spray gun.

For the spray gun, Pour the white paint and resin to be sprayed into the mouth  of  the spray gun.we need to be sure not to pour the paint to the spray gun directly ,because the resin has a strong adhesion and tortuosity. It has good resistance to wet and dry. Rubbing ability, the film surface is clear after film formation, transparent and natural, so it can not afford skin long time .



When we sprayed the paint evenly, it was found that the white paint had completely covered the splitting. After the paint was finished, although the splitting was covered, it was found that there was no bright of the patent leather. At this time, the last step was needed–the paint brightener ,we need sprayed paint brightener evenly.


Finally completed, in fact, the repair of patent leather is definitely not perfect, and the requirements for environment and technology are seriously. Of course, it is not as good as the machine that came out of the original factory. Especially for  the environment of painting, it needs a completely dust-free workshop, so that the paint can be sprayed without any impurities, so there is no such condition in the ordinary environment.

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