Air Jordan XXXIII “Tech Pack” Performance Review

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If you read the sneaker new or facebook and other site , you will found that the Air Jordan XXXIII released ,and a lot of basketball stars and fans are looking forward before it released , of course ,including me .

The first Air Jordan XXXIII “Tech Pack” with black, red and blue three colors, I got one. so luck am I .I felt  the FastFit locking system and Flight Speed shock absorber technology of the Jordan 33. So I want to share the performance with you.



For the Air Jordan XXXIII,  the look is cool ,when I received the shoes, it is was the look that I was told that the forefoot was tightened up by the parachute cord and FastFit system while the rear of the shoe was tightened by the red strap with PULL.So we ust pull the center  by the ring can be quickly fastening , and Jordan Brand is the first pair of sneakers to use this technology,so the experience of Jordan shoes is amazing .



The following picture shows that the Air Jordan XXXIII will offer a wide range of color options, each with a different story and meaning. The enlarged tongue and the erected shoe are like the highest for the predecessor “Air jordan III”. Then put the Jumpman logo on the tongue, the heel is the Nike logo and the word “AIR”, it is quite handsome.


Air Jordan XXXIII’s main technology— FastFit system .you can see the operation principle of FastFit technology from the transparent circular groove directly under the sneakers. This technology can link the tongue and the heel pull ring, just pull up the devil felt on both sides, and then “PULL” it up, so the upper drawstring and quickly tighten the foot cable.



However, how to remove the FastFit technology of shoe?Just simply pull down the “yellow pull ring” on both sides ,then you can  allow the feet to lock quickly and relax. The process can be completed in less than 5 seconds.It is fast and easy .


The Air Jordan XXXIII  released is a annual event of Jordan Brand.  tried loosening the rear strap because that was the area where I began to feel the chaffing against my arch and, to my surprise, it just got worse.


Air Jordan XXXIII is a classic design with a sleek design, and it is a domineering announcement to all shoe fans: Prepare to Fly!


I have to say that this white and gold Air Jordan XXXIII “Future Flight” is one of the most worthy colors to buy . It has a shadow of the initial version of  Air jordan III, which makes people more and more like it. At the same time, the midsole is the highlight of Air Jordan XXXIII. The latest Flight Speed and Nike Zoom Air air cushion combination is the same technology as the 4 %  of Nike Zoom Vapor Fly  carbon fiber board .So will you exciting for the performance ?


For the  rear strap,it is really look awesome .I found  that the rear strap was actually tied directly to the forefoot’s FastFit system. More importantly, there are parachute cables attached to the medial side of it where it feeds into the interior of the shoe. Two cable strands make their way across my arch and into the footbed of the shoe where it then feeds into the visible system installed under the arch of the shoe.

For the fitting :I am tall 187 cm, weight 78 kg, wide foot, low arch, and slightly flat feet. I felt the feeling of the Air Jordan XXXIII is nice . but I suggest you can start from the over a half of size , but personally think that the Air Jordan XXXIII shoe type is narrow, especially the inside of the midfoot arch is a bit high, walking around and found the arch is a bit sour.

For the traction.Traction is slightly better than the 32 — much like traction on the 32 was slightly better than what was used on the 31.was found that the Air Jordan XXXIII midsole was a “hard” route. The Zoom Air landing on the forefoot was very sensible, and several accelerations were effectively converted into propulsion. As the body gradually warmed up, the shoes were inside. The space and the cover of the foot are slowly fitted.

Materials are comfortable, light, and breathable, and they haven’t shown any signs of wear just yet other than being a little dirty.








Although the Flight Speed and Nike Zoom Air cushions are the same as the Nike Zoom VaporFly 4% carbon fiber board, the 4% of the Air Jordan XXXIII and Nike Zoom VaporFly are different.I really enjoying Flight Speed system anyway .

Overall :the Air Jordan 33 is amazing. because I’m now able to enjoy the shoe once again and complete testing it for the full performance review.The Air Jordan XXXIII is not just a pair of practical combat boots, but also the fashion sneakers,the Air Jordan XXXIII is really cool

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