Jordan Ultra Fly 2 Performance Review

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While the NBA game is hot ,the Ultra Fly 2 on Joe Johnson’s feet has also attracted the attention of everyone instead of the original obscurity. Though it is also named Ultra Fly,it is quite different from the first edition no matter setting or appearance. And we’re definitely happy that the brand took things an entirely different route and ditched the Kurim overlay system. Today we will have a check.

For its cushion : From the image you can see the shoe has also equipped with sector Zoom Air cushion while the back part uses the rare hexagonal Zoom Air which is similar to what LeBron series has used. Once you start using it,you will have a pretty bouncy feeling and you place more pressure on it ,the feeling is more obviously.

Though the shoe starts off feeling a bit heavy feeling underfoot,it is because the fairly dense Phylon midsole used here. On top of that, I dare say that the cushion setup of the second edition is more suitable for most people while the first edition has only forefoot Zoom Air. Not only does the cushion work well,but the speed of start-up also in increases. Its overall design ideal for swinger type players with strong mobility.

For the wrapping : I am sure many fans can recognize immediately that there are many similarities between Ultra Fly 2 and Jordan 15 in appearance. Based on my memory, I think the shoe’s wrapping can be said to be super tight. Its one-piece boot design and Flightweb lace system both make its wrapping impeccable.

Besides, there is a TPU supportive board instead of carbon board though. But it works well just as a carbon board and improves support and anti-rotation of the sole. In short,the support features one would expect to be in place are all here and accounted for.

In actual games, it will cradle my feet at all times and does not allow me to ever feel like I about to be ejected off of the shoe’s platform. As for the upper,it is made up of fabric and synthetic material which ensures comfort for the instep.

For its shoe type : The shoe type is very narrow especially the toe. Before buying I highly recommend you try them on or you might feel quite disappointed. Owing to this characteristic,you may also feel it a bit hard to put on. As I’ve mentioned,some parts of upper are made of synthetic material so it is a little hard but can protect your foot very well.

For its grip : The outsole grains are nice,right ? Then does the grip works nicely as well ? However,the fact will make you disappointed.I can say its grip is just so so. When on courts that are not very clean then dust is collected quickly within the black portions of the outsole which results in an inconsistent feel at times,but while the white sections gripped the floor without issue — dust or no dust.

For different shoes the grip works differently as well. It is not to say one shoe must have excellent grip as long as it has high-end technology. This point is different from the cushion setup.

Overall : Except that it is just so so in grip while the other parts of shoes are satisfying,which I can hardly describe in words. Here I have to mention it that the white shoe body is easy to get dirty so you need to take care of it carefully.

Though the Jordan Ultra Fly 2 is a bit heavy with a suffocating fit,  however,you’ll find that it performs well and breaks in very nicely as long as you give it enough playing time. Only when you get along with it can you fall in love with it. It is worth your purchasing.

Air Jordan XX9 Performance Review

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On April 18th,2014 Nike released the much anticipated Air Jordan XX 9 in New York. In fact,it doesn’t make us disappointed,either. The Air Jordan XX 9 is coming right out of the gates with this black/white/gym red version and is getting more and more popularity. For more details of its performance then go on reading.

The first time I saw the setting of the shoes,honestly speaking, I was quite disappointed.The shoe has only one Zoom equipped in the forefoot while there is nothing in the heel part. Compared with the Jordan XX 8 which has Zoom both in the forefoot and the heel plus a carbon board , the setting and design of Jordan XX 9 are disappointing,aren’t they ?

However, it is not to say that full and good setting can definitely does help during actual combat.Objectively speaking, we need to evaluate one shoe by its actual performance but its setting. And certainly,there is no deny that every edition of Jordan is equipped with the newest tech.For the Jordan XX 9,it was equipped with the world’s first functional woven upper.

In the image above,there are two editions of Jordan XX 9 that one is  a large LOGO burst while the other one is today’s Air Jordan XX 9 burst.

For the shoe box,it is thicker than other usually used ones and it is a little bright as well.

There you can see,the shoe paper and tag have the same element of midsole.

For its upper : As I mentioned,the Jordan XX 9 has been equipped with the world’s first functional woven upper. The materials used in the upper is durable and its texture feels pretty soft. According to some official introduction,the woven upper has four layers which offers full impact protection,comfort and support for the its wearer. During the whole game,the shoe provides quite a bit flexibility for you. The overall feeling is good.

When it comes to the shoe’s weight, I have to mention it. One single Jordan XX 9 with size EUR 44 weights 384 grams. After wearing it,the overall feeling is relatively lighter thus it will not give you any burden on foot.

The Jordan XX 9 seems more suitable for people who are guards for the design might not protect your big toe very well.

For the wrapping : The wrapping is good owing to the Flight Web system. It uses a mesh strip to wrap the foot and with combination with the shoe laces,the wrapping has improved a level. The Jordan XX 9 has no inner boot design but has only one side palm elastic band.

The shoe tongue is not very thin and the breathability is just so so but you will not feel sultry at all.

There in the toe is a symbolic sign which is nearly the same as Jordan 12.

For the cushion : You can see the tech of Zoom air cushion clearly ,which is small in the front chamber and big in the back chamber.

Compared with the last edition in the forefoot, it has changed the direction of the Zoom air cushion though it is still double chamber ZOOM air cushion.

It has changed in some aspects so the Jordan XX 9’s foot feel is not so bouncy as that of the last edition. Fairly speaking, the forefoot Zoom of Jordan XX 9 is not bad.

The FlightPlate tech is used in the midsole and by using the Pebax buffer board, it can give you motivation when there are explosive takeoff. And the buffer board can not only provides anti-twist performance ,but also controls the compression and deformation of the Zoom Air cushion unit.

For its grip :

The grains are basically processed flow of water and the grip is overall good. During your games I would suggest you play on clean courts or the  traction will attract dust to its surface which can affect your performance. After all, the XX 9 tag has said that ” Only for indoor venues”. As for the wear resistance, it is OK because of its good materials. When the sole is worn to a certain extent,the grip will increase in contrast.

The laces are oval while the lace head is round,which makes it easy to enter the hole.

Overall : The Air Jordan XX 9 is more suitable for guards. It needs little time to break in and helps you start up quickly.It works well in grip though the cushion is just so so and the upper support is a bit bad, I just want to say it is very comfortable to wear it out. If you are considering making it as your next target of purchase,then why not just grab one ? Trust me,it can’t let you down.

Air Jordan XX(20) Performance Review

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The Air Jordan brand always stands for Nike’s excellent ability. The Air Jordan 12 is the first sneaker that has carbon board + zoom and while the Air Jordan 11 is the pinnacle of air sole. They are both very popular .Then how about the Air Jordan XX ?

Launched in 2005, the Air Jordan XX means it was Nike and Jordan Brand’s 20th anniversary. This “Varsity Red” was the first colorway to leak to sneaker forums and the first to hit retail in February 2005. If you want more information then here we check…

For its appearance : it’s true that the appearance is important because it adds extra points to its impression in your heart. The Air Jordan XX’s prototype is moto and when I first saw it I was quite fond of its streamlined shoe body . The large area of velcro with “Varsity Red” colorway make the shoe look pretty noble,which can not see from the Air Jordan 19 and 21 .

After all,just as the old saying goes” the benevolent sees the benevolence and the wise sees wisdom ”.For this aspect,I would say everyone has his own ideas.

For the wrapping and responsive :

The Air Jordan XX is soft not only because of its cushion setup,but also because of its midsole materials. The Jordan XX has been equipped with a pretty material in the midsole. Though it has used IPS tech,there is also an air sole put in the inner.

As for the responsive, Jordan XX’s responsive is much stronger than Zoom and Air Sole and so is the cushion setup. As I mentioned,the shoe is soft thus you can comfortably wear it on court and play to the fullest.Also,the wrapping is great. The inner boot wraps your foot pretty well and honestly speaking, I really enjoy it. However, because there are some issues that make me feel uncomfortable thus I highly recommend you buy a bigger size. Firstly, the shoe doesn’t have a tongue thus making it hard to put the shoe on. Second,the velcro will stick to your pants or another shoe frequently,which brings some inconvenience. Next,you might feel uncomfortable if you don’t wear high-top socks. Finally, the velcro might be not so durable.


For the stability and support :

The outer side of the shoe protrudes to prevent the foot from flipping outward,which is a pretty easy design but very effective.

The heel fillers is sufficient and wrap your ankle tightly and above all, it can avoid some dangers.This Jordan XX is in fact a low-top one,so it can’t be more suitable to wear it out in daily life. In terms of its support and stability, it does very well so your will rarely get injuried. In other words, there is no much difference between low-top ones and high-top ones.

The velcro is equipped in order to make up for the negative impact of the absence of the carbon board in the shoe.

For its grip : I once suspected that the shoe’s grip is not good. However,the moment I saw the traction I just can’t help but think that I am going to receive some awesome traction with harringbone in place. And not until I wore them did I knew how well the grip works. Though there are some slippy issues when changing movements,it does not matter and it will not influence much.

Here I have to mention that wiping sometimes will does help because the traction will invite dust to its surface during your games which is bad for your performance.

For its durability : the shoe’s durability is not bad at least for me . I have to say without any exaggeration that the Air Jordan XX is the most durable in the whole 20-23 owing to its texture and grains. And different colors have different degrees of durability especially the pure white and black,they are pretty easy to crack. If your Air Jordan XX has been smoothed then you can freely wear it out and it will not influence its still excellent performance.

Overall : I am happy I can just get one pair of Air Jordan XX. It is not because f anything but simple because it is one of my more favorite and I am looking forward to playing in it.

On a personal level, I think everything of the shoe is first class. If you are seeking some bouncy feeling or some great grip or even some excellent support then why not grab a pair of Air Jordan 16? It can’t let you down.

Air Jordan 13 ‘History Of Flight’ Performance Review

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Although years have passed, when it comes to Jordan ,his excellent performance will still amazes us so much. But it is his shoes that will bring us eternal commemoration. While today’s protagonist is the AIR JORDAN XIII“ HISTORY OF FLIGHT”  from the AIR JORDAN brand. Then how will it surprise us ? Here we’ll have a check…

Seeing the images of Air Jordan 13 , many of you are looking forward to having one like me . You may can’t help but want to wear it and play and run on the court . For its appearance,it mainly features a pure white color leather surface, red hem inside and out and black laces . Personally, I think it is bright and nice.


The shoe was once shown in the display,but it is now available for $190. I am sure you must get excited and want to have a try .


The upper part of the shoe is equipped with three different leather texture. The toe part is relatively hard ,but provides full protection for the wearers . As for the both sides of the upper part ,it is made of softer materials which makes the upper easier bent . Certainly ,the smooth leather upper will let you more convenient to  wash.

The inner part of the shoe and the red soles reflect each other while the black lace and the black of the support board reflect each other . This kind of setting naturally make us think of the Chicago Bulls and also means that the HOF series tribute to the city of Chicago, the city of MJ legend.


With an outstanding appearance ,how can you dislike it ? Whether you wear it on courts or wear it out in daily life , it is gorgeous enough and can make you the focus. Also,such bright white must be a good match. It just make you very eye-catching in the crowd.What is worth mentioning is that the pure white laces attached to the shoes will match the shoe better than the black one,which seems more integrated.


The Air Jordan 13 brings you a familiar feeling which is awesome. Maybe owing to the leather materials ,the shoe is not light enough,but as a basketball sneaker I think it has done very well. The fillers in the midsole is relatively softer and with the thicker ORTHOLITE insole ,you feel very comfortable.


For the cushion : as I’ve mentioned, because of the soft insole and enough fillers, the shoe is pretty comfortable . But,there is always a but, the softness will become vulnerable once you start exercising. In addition, the tremendous pressure exerted by the weight and impact on the sole makes the performance of cushion greatly decreased, which is one of the reasons why the feeling is different when playing and walking.

As for the heel and forefoot Zoom Air cushion ,it’s responsive ,springy and comfortable. Although not so bouncy like the last version, you have much better court feel with the lower profile.


For the grip : in addition to its outstanding appearance, the herringbone pattern is also a highlight . On a personal level, I would say the traction is of great help. With its traction,the grip works well just like crazy glue. If you stick playing on it, the traction will break-in and give you plenty of coverage on the court. Whether indoors or outdoor, its excellent performance is there.


For the wrapping : the Air Jordan 13 does fit true to size thus you can imagine the shoe can also wrap your foot well.  If you wish to remain with your regular size and you feel that there is too much space, just put an additional insole in the shoe and you should be fine.

Lockdown is awesome, plain and simple as well. After some time breaking in and you’ve adjust your laces tightly then your foot won’t be going anywhere. In actual combat, it wraps your foot so well that you feel like you are wearing nothing.


For the stability : I know many of you will miss the large carbon board of the regular versions . The carbon board not only offers us stability , but makes us comfortable and feedback to us motivation . So there is no need to say that the support is good as well. But when it is compared with modern shoes, a gap is definitely there. Therefore, I think it is not recommended for high-intensity competitions.


For the comfotability : if regardless of other aspects, I think this is the most important point . After all, who would like to wear a pair of shoes that is very uncomfortable ? Of course nobody. For I myself, I am quite enjoying the soft and comfortable feeling. If there is a word I’d like to describe the feeling then that is fantastic.

But for the breathability, it is not so good. If you wear it in hot summer days,you may feel that your foot is in a hot room without any wind let alone in actual performance.


Overall :

On a personal level, I think the Air Jordan 13 performs just as good as some of today’s sneakers. If you are a fan of the Air Jordan series then you should miss this one. I bet you will fall in love with it.

The appearance,the comfortable feeling and above all, the classic commemorative meaning are all its features. These are just the reasons for us to pay for this pair of shoes. Can you dislike it ?


Detailed Look at Air Jordan 13 Retro “He Got Game” 2018

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As Michael Jordan’s thirteenth signature basketball shoe,the popularity of Air Jordan has never retreated. Until now,there are three versions of Air Jordan.And the Air Jordan 13 He Got Game is returning to retailers in August as Jordan Brand celebrates the shoe’s original release back in 1998.

Every time seeing the letter ”OG” ,there are often tons of feelings and images of many people lining up to buy the shoes coming to our mind.This is not exaggerated at all.

As you can see,the image above is from the famous film: He Got Game ,which also impresses me most.It fully show Jordan’s love for his sun.So warm,isn’t it?

For the outsole,it represents the massive paw of a black cat, while the round jewel on the heel represents the eyes,which is very eye-catching.

The Air Jordan 13 was designed by Tinker Hatfield.As for the shoe’s appearance,he was inspired by a black cat/black panther.The Air Jordan 13 He Got Game ushers in all the original details as the pair worn by Jake Shuttlesworth in the movie.Utilizing a white and black color scheme on its tumbled leather upper, True Red acts as a flash of color on the tongue’s Jumpman logo as well as the sneaker’s eye-catching outsole.

Whether you choose to play on it or wear it out in daily life,it is always suitable .Of course,its outstanding appearance will also make you stand out in the crowd.


For the material,it is soft and comfortable as usual.And it can meet the needs of most people.We can also see that there is a leopard-like shape on the shoes and there is also the most classic leopard eye which is not particularly transparent though.And there are Zoom Air placed both in the forefoot and the heel.

I’ve known some about the materials, the great fit,the awesome feel and more within this detailed look and I can’t wait to begin playing on them out on-court.As the basketball shoes of Jordan’s sixth crown season,the Air Jordan 13 He Got Game can be very popular in the public.Seeing the official images the shoes,if you happen to like it,then just take action.

Air Jordan 30 Performance Review

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Unveiled on January 14th, 2016 at a live event in Chicago, the Air Jordan 30 was heralded as the greatest performer of Air Jordan series. The sneaker once hit retailers for $200 in 2016  and is now available on read below for more details.

Before the shoe is officially released, I think most of you are looking forward to it like me. What does it look? What tech is used in it ?Then the answer is below.



The shoe remains the simple style as the previous Air Jordan and meantime, it also remains the same as the Air Jordan 29 which is pretty much identical and excellent in their appearance.

From the streamlined shoe body we can see that the speed is always Air Jordan series’ pursuit. The smooth toe shape has also been passed down since the 6th version.



Seriously, this part highly resembles to Air Jordan 29. Only when you observe it carefully can you find that it has changed into all-new grains whether in the midsole or outsole part. The grains are thicker and deeper than the previous version especially in the outsole, which is of great help for some who are good at defending and forward on the court.


They stuck a bit like  glue. And much like the Kobe 11 I have to say,if the sole is clean then you can get some amazing grip.However, when there is even the slightest amount of dust on the floor,then the dust will follow you wherever you go. In addition ,as you wear the shoe more, the traction and grip will continually wear down as the sole has lost its stickiness due to dust building up.So just check the floor you play on – it directly influences your performance.You’d better be a little psychologically prepared.


The greatest performer ,Air Jordan 30 , features a knit and woven upper highlighted by a unique toe cap and FlightSpeed chassis. In terms of the upper, the simplicity of the Air Jordan30 upper has reached the peak and the breathability is greatly improved but it is just thinner compared with the 29th version.Objectively speaking, with such a breathable fitting upper the support is just better than the 29th.Besides, the shoe features Jordan Brands’ flight speed system to add some torsional support. The support is flexibly  sufficient for a guard.And there is completely nothing to complain about in this aspect. And if you are a fan of the 29th then I bet you will also be obsessed with the Air Jordan 30.


The cushion setup is as identical as the shoe’s appearance.But there is no notable difference between the 29th and 30th version. The TPU which is originally in the midsole of the 29th is now removed to the heel of the 30th,which can be seen in the pictures below.And there in the forefoot is still a TPU thus do not worry about instability issues.But there is one shortcoming that the stability in the heel might be a problem for some people as the foam used in the shoe is a bit too soft.



The Air Jordan 30 also features the unlocked Zoom air cushion in the forefoot,the same tooling as the Air Jordan 29.In actual combat, as long as you place enough pressure on it,then the feedback is obvious and the feeling is nice and even awesome,which can be experienced only by yourself.

And it adds some functional designs to the surface of the insoles, which is rarely seen in other shoes.

On this point, it can effectively reduce the sliding of the feet in the shoes during exercise.

There are some tests on the friction of the different versions of Air Jordan series. The first step in the test is to place the sneakers horizontally on the board, then slowly raise one side of the board to see when the shoes will slide down.The results are below.



It might be a bit disappointing in the soles though, then if you choose a clean floor to play it is not a big problem. And importantly, the shoe fits true to size ,which has been improved over the 29th.But I also suggest wide footers adapt a period of time as you may experience discomfort at first.Except for the small flaw, all mentioned above are the shoes’ features.Definitely, it is absolutely a good actual combat sneaker.

Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 Performance Review

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Russell Westbrook has been Jordan Brand’s premier athlete for years now  and his performance is really excellent. Many fans are wondering when Russell Westbrook would be honored with his first signature shoe.Then the wait is finally over because Nike and the Jumpman are ready to introduce the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 – the first shoe in what should be a bountiful line for the all-world point guard.


Then read the article below for more detailed information.

Releasing on February 15, 2018,with a price of $125, the overall shape of Why Not Zer0.1 is a bit complex though, it can be seen as composed of several parts. The shoe body part is a one-piece bootie and there in the heel is a technology which is similar to CMP tech desigh of Air Jordan 15. To some extent, it can strengthen support and guarantee stability of the heel part. In addition, the shoes have become lighter though, extensibility of the upper will become worse because of the upper material.


The midsole consists of Phylon and Zoom air cushion. This kind of setting guarantees stability and good feeling of shoes.



Design of the shoe body is not only complex, but also provides protection . However, besides the narrow shoe body, the good wrapping and worse extensibility  of shoe are all bad for people whose feet are wide. If you are really fond of Why Not Zer0.1, then you’d better consider the most suitable size carefully.



After telling you settings of the shoes, then it’s time to actual performance.And what surprises will

Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 bring? Can it be satisfying as we excepted before? Let’s have a look.


Advantage:(cushion and grip are absolutely outstanding)

I know that what you care most are cushion and grip of this shoes. The full foot Zoom air cushion performs really good. You can obviously feel the Zoom and it does  feel really nice and it seems like you are stepping on a pillow.When in actual combat, the feeling is more obvious because you’ve place enough pressure on it. But there is a thick Phylon between the heel and back palm, so it takes some time to get used to the shoes.


As I have said before,there is a CMP in the heel, so the protection and stability of shoes have also improved.

The toughness of the upper and the thickness of the lining are of great help in strengthening protection.There is no using of Flywire though, the practical and enough support of forefoot is absolutely not bad.



Personally, based on my experience, the shoes can be said to be perfect after wearing them for the first time,but shortcomings will appear after a actual combat.Though the support and protection of ankle are guaranteed, there is a phenomenon that the ankle part of the sneaker is prone to footrest because the support piece is too hard.



When in actual combat, you have to adjust your shoes many times because it is too tight,which has nothing influence for some people while some are not.


Because the wrapping is quite excellent, the shoe last is a bit narrow and extensibility of the shoes is not so good, the sneaker may be not suitable for some people whose feet are wide and fat. On top of this, the shoes are thick,therefore it is not breathable. So I must tell you all that I don’t recommend you wear this shoes to actual combat in summer because it is really really hot.




There are some obvious shortcomings though, I have to say that the shoes offer a bit of everything ,which can surely amaze the market most of the year.


There are so many footwear options in the PG category at the moment that there is something for everyone. But what a fantastic shoe this is and many people will  love playing in this shoes. It just feels nice and above all, it will not make you disappointed.


Air Jordan 32 Performance Review

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The Air Jordan 32 is the thirty-second Air Jordan sneaker in the historic legacy. Inspired by the Air Jordan 2, it features a mix of Zoom Air cushioning ,  Flyknit, premium leather and so on. Then read the article below for further release details and price information.

After 30 years later, Jordan Brand has made rapid progress. Compared with other versions, the Jordan Brand has enlarged its scale, and what’s more, there are more new sneakers releasing , which has got much popularity from the public. On September 23rd, 2017,the series released a new sneaker which was Air Jordan 32,pricing $185.



The actual combat setting is the highest guard setting of Air Jordan 32. And with the combination of Flyknit, Flight Speed, and Zoom Air, we already know that the Jordan 32 will be one of the best performing basketball shoes of the year. The necessary Zoom ,the woven upper , Flightplate and Flightspeed all improve the support of the shoes. Then return to Air Jordan 31, it adopted the “History Review” design concept,and becomes many people’s new lovers.



When I first got it, what appealed me most was the brand new woven shoe body. The forefoot has greatly changed, and meanwhile ,there are X-shaped hard braided wire woven in the shoes. Though the density is big , it has nothing influence on the support of shoes.



There at the back of the shoe is TPU and some other technologies. In short, designs of shoes can surely meet most people’s needs.



Filler in  heel is a bit hard though, the thickness is pretty satisfying. And the thick insole guarantees basic cushion before stepping on the air cushion.



The midsole of  Jordan 32 is thicker than the 31. In addition, because of the bigger density midsole material and addition of carbon board, its torsion resistance becomes more shocking.


Besides the additional carbon board, the diamond pattern design is a highlight of Jordan 32. There is no much difference between the 31 and 32 though, the deepening of texture can strengthen the grip of shoes to some degree.


Then it’s time to look at the actual performance next.




Cushion in outsole brings a feeling , similar to Air Jordan 28, which is comfortable and nice. After wearing them, you can obviously feel the Zoom well when you place enough pressure on the forefoot, and it feels so nice ,which is like stepping on a pillow. And there is a feeling that it springs into action as you need it rather than it lingering around while you may not be in need of the cushion.

However, it may become a troublesome thing to stepping on the air cushion because the outsole is a bit too hard.Thus, I suggest you spend some time in that aspect before actual performance, then you can experience the best feeling of Air Jordan 32.




The biggest shortcoming of the 32 is grip, the same as the 31. Maybe because of the outsole material , the grip of Jordan 32 has improved compared with the 31 though, the start-up will be delayed sometimes.

At the same time, the unstable performance of grip is bad for players to do some actions, which may avoid people from buying. In short, you can consider buying this one if you are used to playing balls on wood grounds.




Wear resistance

It is a bit disappointing in grip though, it does do well in wear resistance. Based on Jordan 31, I think the 32 has improved a level ,because there is no obvious damages after my 2 hours wearing on roads.  Therefore, it may become an important factor for some people when buying.



Torsion resistance

Owing to Flightspeed system and the hard midsole , the shoes become more excellent and harder compared with Jordan 31. In actual combat, it is of great help to have stable outsole which can avoid some unnecessary injuries .


Of course, there must be some sounds that whether the wrapping will be weakened or not. However, it tells us the truth by action that the wrapping of Air Jordan 32 is still the best. And  I  love the materials of  Jordan 32 very much. It definitely isn’t the most breathable because of the layers, but this Flyknit is what I’ve been waiting for . There is no heavy glue usage, no TPU strands or yarn. Just really thick Flyknit that moves well with the foot. Meanwhile, filler in TPU is pretty thick and sufficient. And texture of the filler is very good and the filler provides excellent wrapping, which is not very breathable though.




Though there are some changes, it is still quite satisfying in support of Jordan 32.The support, with excellent outsole torsion resistance , makes you feel safer in actual combat. And if you’re able to find the size that fits you best then support shouldn’t be an issue.



Protection of Jordan 32 has improved ,compared with Jordan 31. When there are many sneakers that are seeking to decrease shoe weight, thus making the upper thinner, then support and protection of shoes will be greatly questioned.

But Air Jordan 32 is totally different . It has fully used materials ,which helps increase the height. And the thick TPU in heel helps provide excellent wrapping. Above all, the sneaker is in the way of maximizing its protection and minimizing its shortcomings.




If you want a pair of lightweight sneaker, then maybe Air Jordan 32 is not the best choice , but if you want a perfect protection and excellent wrapping one, it is absolutely your best choice then.



Except for the shoes’ price, grip of shoes and its overweight become the biggest barrier when buying. But objectively speaking ,the protection and cushion of shoes are pretty excellent, and wear resistance is also not bad,thus making it the ” strongest equipment” in some less slippery venues.

I have to say that not every shoe is made for every person, but there’s something out there for everyone. You just need to know what you are always seeking.

Jordan Super .Fly 5 Performance Review

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The Jordan Super .Fly 5 launches with a price of $150 on June 30th in  China, with a global launch hitting on August 1st. Although not an official signature shoe of Blake’s, this flagship model has been one of the more trusted hooping options thanks to key technology points like Zoom Air, Flywire, and more.  Today let’s have a look at the detailed information.

Although there was an incident which happened in Super .Fly 1, we don’t need to worry about the problem because the air cushion has changed into Zoom from the 4th version.

The upper material of Super .Fly 5 is the hot melt FUSE which is very light and breathable and can provide excellent wrapping. Combining the embroidery design concept with the latest technology , it can further enhance the beauty of the shoes. And there is the sponge in the heel of the inner boot ,which provides ankle protection and comfort. In addition, the Zoom in the midsole not only provides adequate cushioning ,but also has fluent  start-up performance. Besides, the TPU in the shoes can also provide supporting for feet. All mentioned above are the technologies used in the Super .Fly 5.



The basketball shoes are especially designed for the characteristics of basketball sports. So their protection and torsion resistance performance are better than other shoes. Therefore, it is very important to have excellent protection for a pair of basketball shoes.

The protection of Super .Fly 5 is not bad. The FUSE upper provides excellent wrapping for the shoes, and combined with TPU, the torsion resistance performance of the shoes is greatly improved.


Wear resistance

The excellent wear resistance is necessary for a pair of good shoes. In fact, we not only care the tech setting of the shoes,but also its service life. And  I’ve just wore them out in the roads for two hours, but they were not worn at all.



Personally,I think the start-up is of great significance for some people who seek breakthrough. So the excellent start-up really helps me a lot in the actual combat.

In my view,the start-up depends on the grains in the sole, the wrapping and the air cushion. When in actual combat, the rhombus grains in the sole provides good grip .



Though the Zoom is only in the forefoot, the other parts are all cushion technologies. The midsole of Super .Fly 5 is very thick and it does fully uses materials,which is worth of  the price of $150. Surprisingly, I think that I could feel the Zoom unit quite well.The Zoom unit feels pretty bouncy and the overall cushion provides good impact protection . So there is no need worrying the your knees will get injured. But as is known to all, the life of cushion glue is not very long. Therefore ,the cushion effect may be not so good after a period of time.


Although it has been the 5th version of Super Fly series, it has not so good reputation like Hyperdunk and Soldier series. As a pair of basketball shoes, there is no Flywire tech in the shoes, which is a bit disappointing.



The wrapping for the ankle and the start-up are pretty excellent. And I am sure it will improve its wear resistance in the near future.Though the Super Fly 5 retails at $150, which is very overpriced for such a mediocre shoe. But the cushion and fit are just so good. After all, it is satisfying overall and maybe you will fall in love with it.


Jordan Super.Fly MVP Performance Review

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Over the years, Jordan Brand has had numerous sneakers that performed exceptionally well for its athletes. Especiallly the series has always had a very good reputation in the actual performance . Since the 2017 started using the cushioning last year, this sneaker has also begun a new chapter. Today we bring this latest MVP,we are will test the performance .



This MVP uses a large fabric upper,maybe 80% fabric material. only leaves two stitching lines on the inside and outside , that is look so simply .  In order to improve the overall wrapping of the shoes, the MVP uses a V-lace cable with a traditional mid-open  for the upper design. By stretching the laces, we can see that the laces will adjust dynamically . The shoelace system exerts the greatest adjustment effect, also it will  enhancing the wrapping of the shoes.


Compare with the last version, what is the setting will be different ? However the traction pattern looks to be a modified version of what we saw on the Super.Fly 2017 so we’re hopeful that it performs up to that standard.In addition ,in order to improved the supporting , MVP fully expands the white midsole and extends directly to the upper part to  heel part,  that is  directly enhancing the support of the ankle.



The shoes is used the rubber with the round pattern , and there are five black  round pattern with the number <88><91><92><96><98>, it is means the year in which MJ got the NBA regular season MVP, and in the four years of <91><92><96><98>.NBA Finals MVP wins appear on the outsole within each pod — the 91, 92, and 93 at the forefoot celebrate the first three-peat while the 96, 97, and 98 appear at the midfoot through the heel.


Firstly , I can felt the comfortable when take is a different material compare with the last model.If you prefer an old school build with modern design then go with the Jordan Super.Fly 2017 versions that offer nubuck forefoot overlays. But the MVP is different,it is used the leather ,it is will be soft then mesh material.

The pair I played it some days , I felt it  a bit more stiff and supportive,even  I’m not a huge fan ,but it is work very well in the court , more supportive and the comfortable.

you will felt the  similar heel builds  like the last model.but with a more modern forefoot overlay done up in textile and mesh.


For the weight , the  shoes just have been 440g, it is too lightweight. But the shoes work well. maybe the higher top type shoes.The high-cut setting and thicker padding make the shoes  more weight.

Fortunately, the sneakers are breathable. Compared to other high-top style basketball shoes, Jordan Super.Fly MVP  does not have a particularly heat  feeling after wearing for a long time.




For the supporting : The high-top design gives a certain amount of support on both sides of the ankle. It may be because the overall support for the upper, so Jordan Super.Fly MVP improved the material it used  make the reinforcement makes it not well protect the toes. At the same time, the sides of the upper have a relatively large deformation when changing direction, and wearing for too long may cause wear.


For the cushioning : it is nice , this pair of practical shoes uses a React foam cushioning.React, Nike’s “new” foam, is one of the most hyped cushion systems that I can remember in recent years, and now  the Jordan Super.Fly MVP also followed the last model.The first feeling of wearing  have been a little stiff. After  for a while, you can feel a little  responsive for the cushion,someone said the shoes have been not the bounce and feedback , I guess that it is need too more weight . However, I do love how the cushion was implemented full-length because it makes me feel like Nike and Jordan Brand are listening to consumers. The  full-length cushioning systems  did a great job  and work well .


For the grip :This MVP with a ring pattern with rubber. The friction on the wooden floor is excellent. The traction with the XDR outsole is also available in the commercial version, which makes it wearable and durable. The extended forefoot also gives the shoe a certain amount of protection. The strength, I believe that such a big bottom will have a good grip performance .However, the midsole tooling wraps up the forefoot ,and keeps you on the footbed.

Overall, the  price of 140 usd  as the last iteration of the Super.Fly, and might release before the start of the 2018 NBA season.The supporting and cushion and material are nice .