Nike Zoom KD 10 Anniversary Performance Review

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The Golden State Warriors  returned to San Francisco in the 2018-2019 season. This was returned to San Francisco in after 40 years since the season of 1971-1972 . The new venue  located at Wharf and this place have been a nice  viewpoint  for San Francisco.


As for the Final NBA coming , there are a lot of shoes model is releasing .Especial for KD  series shoes, the KD 11 released recently .please check the KD 11 performance in our site ,but for me ,I like the KD 10 very much.

So we will check KD 10 performance today.

Anniversary,Meaning of cooperate NIKE with KD for more than 10 year The color swoosh was inspired by KD’s color matching for all teams since the university.


Unlike the KD9 and KD 9 Elite, the KD10 uses a full flyknit design. In order to provide the great durability of the KD 10, The KD 10 used the different material in toe, side and heel parts.The ductile neckline used  a more ductile material, making it easier to put on and take off.



The logo is special and it is look amazing. And Flyknit is present in the shoe’s upper like the last one, however, this setup of Flyknit is leveraged differently and probably not for the better.

It’s more structured, the TPU reinforcements kinda take away the benefits of Flyknit. It’s not a breathable and not as soft for your foot.

The part of toe is amazing,which add the material of the nubuck inner side of the front of  shoe.That is  in order to increase the wear resistance of the shoe and improved the protection of the feet.

It’s more structured, the TPU reinforcements kinda take away the benefits of Flyknit which more supporting and protection It’s not a breathable and not as soft for your foot.A thick filler is added to the inside of the neckline , and the wrapping is added from the inside to the outside.


The KD utilizes a full-length unlocked Zoom Air unit for maximum step-in comfort and court feel. The cushion sits atop a semi-translucent outsole with an aggressively rounded pattern.Though it is look like KD 9 ,but it different .At first, I was a bit skeptical since the cushion felt a bit firm and something you’d find any feeling of  Phylon model from Nikey.Plenty of impact protection, you still get some court feel in the forefoot and the whole setup just feels so well-balanced.




A lot of people dont like the traction of KD 9,they dont think the traction will be nice ,actually the grip is great. but because of  KD 10 was used the translucent traction, so this one will be the most reason that people dont like .For me, it wasn’t really that bad, the shoe was just really sensitive to dust.i like the feeling of the  grip, but just dont play it in the outside dusty court.


Here is more details as below :



For the system of shoelace :

The upgrade of the strap system can make the package more strong, and we can felt more the tightness after the fastening. The shoelaces are thicker and rougher. so we will felt more stiff of the upper. The upper does not slip with the shoelace, so the shoelace does not loosen after the tie.


We can see the details as below :


Supporting :

The supporting is nice with the TPU help.The heel lockdown was good, the forefoot felt stable. But the ankle collar is just pure Flyknit and the midfoot area barely held my foot. Those things support you like tanks because it’s built for a tank. These are more focused on mobility and freedom but even that isn’t that well-made because of the lack of containment in the midfoot. I like this one very much.


Overall, The material is more durability and the supporting is nice .The size is true ,but for Wide footers, you’ll be good going to buy over half size . I like this one very much.

Nike Zoom KD 9 Elite Performance Review

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Released on May 5, 2017, the Nike Zoom KD 9 Elite is the Kevin Durant’s latest signature model and has hit the shelves for $150. Below you can check out more images which will give you a better look. And go on reading, you will find out the answers for whether the shoe is worth purchasing or not.


This shoe uses the Flyknit upper and also brings Max Zoom Air cushion and traction from the original KD 9’s. The forefoot area is covered with Flyknit, but Nike eliminated the Nylon backing underneath, so you’re getting the purest Flyknit upper . And thank to the Flyknit tech,the front part is super soft, light and even very breathable.

While in the heel part, the shoe features a kind of material named Neoprene which was once used in K D 8 Elite. And the Neoprene is super flexible, that’s why the shoe is extremely easy to put on .

Besides, there is extra room for your ankle brace if you need some extra support. In addition, there is an additional collar at the heel and once you lace them up it sits loose around your ankle thus you can get more support.



The Flyknit upper is soft though, there is no influence on the aspect because there are other improvements which greatly strengthen the support. As you can see in the pictures below , the lacing system with Flywire not only adds more aggressiveness to the shoe, but it does perform really great. In actual combat it wraps your foot tightly, making you feel it is a part of your body.

In addition to all mentioned above, the extra ankle collar does great help for the shoe’s support and provides good lockdown which locks your foot tightly in the shoe .But everyone has his/her own idea , these are all my personal views.



The visible Max Zoom Air cushion in the shoe can be said to be a success. The full-length Max Zoom Air provides crazy bounce and superior impact protection and this is an amazing tool. In addition, the forefoot air unit is much thinner than the K D 9 and offers solid court feel with ability to make quick steps. And the feeling is just nice which is a bit like stepping on a pillow. Just think, such a bouncy, soft setup that is really practical ,who would not like it ?


The outsole still has many hexagonal shadings. This time there is no dusty problems no matter what kind of ground you playing on. What you need to do is just wipe your shoes a few times then the grip does work well as usual.

Even on dusty floors there is no any major slippage problems. As always, I highly recommend you have a try. If you are seeking some consistency in your life then just feel free to pick the shoes up.



The fit is almost identical. Though the heel area has less padding than in the regular version, pure Flyknit adds a little bit more comfort in the forefoot area thus the overall comfort is just as good as usual.

But wider footers ,I suggest you go to try them on in stores before buying or you will find that this shoe is just more suitable for long, narrow footers like Durant himself.


Every shoe has its own highlights and shortcomings and so is the Nike Zoom K D 9 Elite. The cushion and materials bring out the best of Nike’s technology, and the shoe’s best feature is that it’s a shoe that can provide high level performance for all players and play styles . But after all, as the old saying goes ” the benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom.”, so you can have your own idea but here I will also highly recommend it to you and surely it can’t let you down.

Nike KD 10 “Red Velvet” Performance Test

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After shaking and baking on the court on the way to the 2017 NBA Championship and Finals MVP honors, Kevin Durant certainly isn’t too worried about any of his critics who called him a “cupcake” for leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder.

And his series of KD10 has been popular in the sneaker world .

Today we are talking about it .

The tasty colorway meant to match KD’s velvety-smooth game was previewed  in kid’s sizing which features a mix of University Red and black for the Flyknit upper with a speckled Pure Platinum sole.

For the material ,Lightweight shoe features responsive cushioning for a comfortable ride and increased explosiveness .

There is the KD LOGO on the tongue

and the KEVIN DURANT  words and the signature of the sole

For the supporting : Dyanmic webbing and heel cage work with the laces to lock the foot down which  help a lot for the supporting .

For the cushioning :

Overall.As a pure shooter, gifted scorer, and dangerous playmaker, Durant needs a shoe that perfectly combines cushioning, lockdown, and fit.  For me ,I like it very much . Dont miss it .

The Nike KD 11 Performance Review

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KD won the championship once again. Congratulate to KD and meanwhile we can see that KD always wore the WHAT THE colorway of KD 10 style in the finals. I am sure that after the design of KD 10 has produced so many beautiful colors, everyone is looking forward to what kind of surprise KD will bring to us. And today we will bring the actual evaluation of KD 11 to you .

First impression

Firstly, let’s have a look at the shoe type. It is completely different from the KD 10 and KD 11 looks very integrated. The upper is a complete curve of almost one piece of material and the sole has also changed from the KD9,KD10 familiar full-blank sub-area ZOOM into a whole piece ,which is visually more simple.

KD11 seems to have a simple design but it is not simple in terms of setting.KD11 shoes use the full palm ZOOM and NIKE’s REACT cushioning material. The FLYKNIT cover of the entire upper is covered with a partially reinforced hot-melt nylon material, and the heel stabilized part is finished with fine-grained suede stitching to enhance the texture.
Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

After getting the real thing, you can feel the sincerity of the signature shoes. First ,in the aspect of the upper, the FLYKNIT with different hardness is used on a single upper. The part of the front feet is stronger . The side of the shoes and the lace part are soft which is convenient to adjust the tightness of wrapping. This is exactly the same as the previous ELITE version of HUPERDUNK2016. The difference is that KD11’s FLYKNIT is more solid.

Reinforced piece added to the toe and small toe which increase the upper support to some extent. The heel part of the heel has the delicate embroidery of KD and SWOOSH LOGO, and the ingenuity adds a small detail of the metal decoration. The top of the heel is a rubber ring that is very convenient and easy to use when wearing shoes. The inner filling sponge is slightly thin and the thickness is moderate.

The midsole adopts an outsourced design, which is a bit like the outsole scheme of KOBE AD, but more overall, a thick piece of crystal bottom wrapped with built-in cushioning material, the texture is more appreciative, but it looks very beautiful, the strip is open in the sole The small window is also a bit of the shadow of HYPERDUNK ELITE. By opening the window, we can see the built-in ZOOM area. The texture of the sole is curved, the texture is moderate, and the interior plastic and wood flooring are standard.

First wear experience

When you first wear KD11,because of the heel shoe design, the process of wearing the shoe is a little like wearing socks ,or it is more labor-saving in the integrated upper. Personally, in the aspect of size I think it is normal. Because FLYKNIT is excellent in wrapping, I suggest you who has fat feet can choose most of the size at your discretion. The middle and low feet is very soft which can compete with LBJ15 and while KD11 appears to be biased by material, there is a feeling of collapse when you step on one foot, and then there will be feedback from ZOOM rebound, and the feeling of the foot is slightly complicated.

Slow shock

The cushioning is pretty excellent.  Sufficient cushioning and soft will make you adapt to the shoes quickly. Personally , the high-grade cushioning shoes often have excessive thickness in the midsole, which leads to the center of the shoe is too high, and the midsole with soft bullets is prone to unsteady landing, but because the sneakers have a very thick outer sole hard crystal bottom wrapped cushioning material, so although the cushioning technology level is very high, it also has a good soft foot feeling, and the landing feeling is still very stable and solid. Of course, the design also has disadvantages. The thick crystal bottom makes the weight of the whole pair of shoes increase.


The wrapping of FK material is very good in the HYPERDUNK2016ELITE version. The modern LBJ15 is also an example. Although this version of KD11 shoes is slightly fat, not as long as HD16, you can still feel enough after tightening the shoelaces. The tight wrapping with the soft O-shoe insole while stepping on REACT and the whole palm ZOOM, it can be said that these shoes in the various basketball shoes this year, the foot feel is good.


The support of midsole is very stable ,giving us the possibility to control the intense movement of REACT and the whole palm ZOOM, which is very important. It can be said that there is no stability of the outsole, and then the comfortable cushioning technology can only be called comfortable casual shoes. Look at the upper, though there is partial reinforcement, it is still weaker in terms of stability. There is no outstanding design at the bottom, and sometimes the strong emergency stop will give the side of the foot a feeling of slipping out of the midsole.


As for the wear resistance, which I have said before, it is standard for indoor plastic floor and wood floor .And don’t build too much in the field, but of course, the local tycoons are free.

The grip can be said to be also the excellent level. The good grip is also added to the stability of the whole pair of shoes.

It is worth mentioning that in actual wear,KD11 midsole is not raised to support the arch. The entire inner sole is in a flat position. There is no design that can lock the ankle like the ROSE6. The KD11’s lace hole allows the shoes. The adjustment range of the belt is limited to the feet surface) , which makes it easier to poke your toes, so take the problem into consideration before buying the shoes.


A change of KD9, 9ELITE, 10 cushioning continuation, KD11 can be said to be a pair of new shoes full of sincerity, the overall design is simple but without losing details. The new combination of REACT and ZOOM is perfectly designed under the design of the newly designed outsourced crystal outsole. It is matched with the popular one-piece woven upper and the wrapping is quick good. In general, innovative design, high technology, KD endorsement, pricing 1299 can be said to be quite cost-effective. Personally , I suggest almost everyone can try the latest KD11 except the players who use Irving Playing and I am sure it can’t disappointed you.



















Nike KD 8 Elite Performance Review

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Releasing in 2016, with a price of 200 dollars, the Nike KD 8 Elite is Kevin Durant’s signature Nike shoe for the 2016 NBA Playoffs. Today let’s check out a detailed look at the latest KD Elite 8 colorway and know that you can get  one of the shoes.

I am sure that many of you will be attracted by Nike KD 8 Elite the first time you see it. Besides its novel design, you will find the sincerity from the designer in Nike KD 8 Elite.


Different from the regular versions of Nike KD 8, Nike KD 8 Elite uses snake leather upper which looks pretty textured. And the use of Kevlar aramid fiber ( Its strength is five times that of the same quality steel, but the density is only one-fifth of the steel.) can provide excellent supporting and protection.


The inner boot partly uses foam which can provide supporting and the breathability of the sneakers.

Because of the use of TPU material, the stability of sneakers has improved greatly, which can prevent players from serious injuries.


Then let’s have a look at the actual performance of Nike KD 8 Elite.

1 Protection

As I have said before, the moment you see Nike KD 8, many of you will be attracted by its inner boot. Though the upper looks a bit high, can the protection of ankles be satisfying?

I am sure you can’t be satisfied if you simply look at the upper. However, the supporting for ankles is pretty excellent. Combining the snake leather upper with Kevlar foam, the sneakers can prevent some dangerous accidents.

2 Cushioning.

The Nike KD 8 Elite has Nike zoom air cushion in the midsole which helps players bounce better. So we can see the Nike KD 8Elite performed not bad in the actual combat and the cushioning is pretty satisfying.

3 Grip and wear resistance.

We can see that the grip of Nike KD 8Elite is quick excellent in the whole actual combat process . I am quick sure players can play freely with the Nike KD 8Elite.


4 Comfortability.

Before buying a pair of shoes, most consumers think comfortability is one of the most important factors. I have to admit it is hard to wear the sneakers at first especially for some people whose feet are wider. After wearing the sneakers, you can obviously feel that the wrapping is pretty excellent. But I suggest you think carefully when buying because the upper is really high.


I am sure you all have your own ideas about the appearance of the sneakers. The pictures above can help you learn more directly.


I believe that the Nike KD 8Elite will perform nicely . Though the sneakers has reached $200 , I am sure they are worth the price and someone will like them.




Nike KD 9 Performance Review

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Kevin Durant has been recognized as one of the most versatile players in the game. His KD 9 signature shoe helps keep him fluid in his every move,  “Once I seen the KD 9  I was like, ‘Wow. We could really do this,’” Durant said. “They presented this shoe to me last summer, along with the new Zoom bags. So it just worked out well.”  and this colorway of KD9 is the most popular so far

It with a sock-like Flyknit upper and reimagined Nike Zoom Air cushioning to enable a natural motion every step of the way.

For the material : it utinilized the Flyknit  which was  backed by nylon

The flexibility of the material gives it its acute support while allowing the material to react the way  when playing .this type of Flyknit that was utilized on the Nike Kobe 9 Elite or even the Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Elite. it is actually great and durability .it provide enough structure and support for the foot for this  setup

For the supporting ,it is just so so , as my experience , it is not very good at for those  who playing the guard . it is not enough for them .

For cushioning , it nice.Full length articulated Zoom Air used , it is really great . This cushion setup is everything anyone can want and ask for a lot of fans .full length Zoom returned to the Nike Lebron X and the KD6 Elite. For me , I  like I every much . the court feeling is great . TPU bumps located towards the forefoot where the Zoom unit is segmented to provide flexibility



Swoosh did a superb job with the Nike Zoom KD9 is nice

there is a ZOOM  logo on the side

The KD. logo on the heel

For the traction , it utilized the rubber traction which was super sticky  at times caused my foot when I am playing .As good as the rubber traction compound was, it can be used outdoors, but it is not very great as my experience .

Overall .the KD 9 is great for cushioning  and material , the size is true . flexibility of the material  and so on .