Nike Zoom KD 10 Anniversary Performance Review

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The Golden State Warriors  returned to San Francisco in the 2018-2019 season. This was returned to San Francisco in after 40 years since the season of 1971-1972 . The new venue  located at Wharf and this place have been a nice  viewpoint  for San Francisco.


As for the Final NBA coming , there are a lot of shoes model is releasing .Especial for KD  series shoes, the KD 11 released recently .please check the KD 11 performance in our site ,but for me ,I like the KD 10 very much.

So we will check KD 10 performance today.

Anniversary,Meaning of cooperate NIKE with KD for more than 10 year The color swoosh was inspired by KD’s color matching for all teams since the university.


Unlike the KD9 and KD 9 Elite, the KD10 uses a full flyknit design. In order to provide the great durability of the KD 10, The KD 10 used the different material in toe, side and heel parts.The ductile neckline used  a more ductile material, making it easier to put on and take off.



The logo is special and it is look amazing. And Flyknit is present in the shoe’s upper like the last one, however, this setup of Flyknit is leveraged differently and probably not for the better.

It’s more structured, the TPU reinforcements kinda take away the benefits of Flyknit. It’s not a breathable and not as soft for your foot.

The part of toe is amazing,which add the material of the nubuck inner side of the front of  shoe.That is  in order to increase the wear resistance of the shoe and improved the protection of the feet.

It’s more structured, the TPU reinforcements kinda take away the benefits of Flyknit which more supporting and protection It’s not a breathable and not as soft for your foot.A thick filler is added to the inside of the neckline , and the wrapping is added from the inside to the outside.


The KD utilizes a full-length unlocked Zoom Air unit for maximum step-in comfort and court feel. The cushion sits atop a semi-translucent outsole with an aggressively rounded pattern.Though it is look like KD 9 ,but it different .At first, I was a bit skeptical since the cushion felt a bit firm and something you’d find any feeling of  Phylon model from Nikey.Plenty of impact protection, you still get some court feel in the forefoot and the whole setup just feels so well-balanced.




A lot of people dont like the traction of KD 9,they dont think the traction will be nice ,actually the grip is great. but because of  KD 10 was used the translucent traction, so this one will be the most reason that people dont like .For me, it wasn’t really that bad, the shoe was just really sensitive to dust.i like the feeling of the  grip, but just dont play it in the outside dusty court.


Here is more details as below :



For the system of shoelace :

The upgrade of the strap system can make the package more strong, and we can felt more the tightness after the fastening. The shoelaces are thicker and rougher. so we will felt more stiff of the upper. The upper does not slip with the shoelace, so the shoelace does not loosen after the tie.


We can see the details as below :


Supporting :

The supporting is nice with the TPU help.The heel lockdown was good, the forefoot felt stable. But the ankle collar is just pure Flyknit and the midfoot area barely held my foot. Those things support you like tanks because it’s built for a tank. These are more focused on mobility and freedom but even that isn’t that well-made because of the lack of containment in the midfoot. I like this one very much.


Overall, The material is more durability and the supporting is nice .The size is true ,but for Wide footers, you’ll be good going to buy over half size . I like this one very much.

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