Better Nike Kobe A.D: Kobe AD Mid or AD Nxt 360 or A.D. Exdous

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The Kobe AD Mid, Kobe AD NXT 360 and Kobe AD Exodus have just released and now they are all available at the retailer shelves . However, when the three get together,definitely we will inevitably think which pair will be better and more suitable for actual combat. For this kind of problem,today we will give you more information which may help you a lot .

First let’s take a review. Let’s start with the kobe ad mid . The upper is mainly made of the suede and the inner is equipped with the Flywire dynamic flying line . In addition, a layer of artificial leather reinforcement is attached between the upper and the midsole.

But for Kobe AD NXT 360, the whole upper is equipped with a flyknit nylon weaving technology which directly connects the upper and the midsole. And on top of that,it also uses dofferent weaving density according to the different parts of the shoe to realize the integrated weave structure.

As for the latest released Kobe AD Exodus,its upper is almost made of suede as well. And  the large stitching makes the shoes look more like a casual shoe but a basketball shoe . Simple in terms of the upper setting , this shoe is very special. But because its new technologies,the shoe hasn’t have excellent wrapping . Therefore, the upper support is the worst of the three.

After some time playing outdoors, we can clearly see there is a certain degree of damages on the upper which can not be reversed. However , the relatively thicker sponge in the heel will help greatly.It can offer full impact protection for the wearer and make Kobe AD Mid better resist the force exerted by the ankle. For the midsole, the Kobe AD Mid is equipped with full-foot LUNARLON cushion with heel Zoom Air cushion.

The setting of midsole of Kobe AD Exodus is the simplest of the three models. At the back of the shoe,it has only used a piece of CAGE ZOOM AIR cushion.

Combining with this three models’ actual performance ,the Kobe AD Mid is more excellent than the Kobe Nxt 360 because the former can better protect our ankle. Though the flexibility is a bit absent ,the Kobe AD Mid is just better.

In terms of the wear resistance of the outsole,the Kobe Nxt 360’s performance is the worst for the shoe’s outsole is damaged the most so far. Its softer outsole and the outsole design both make the shoe not wear-resistance  while the Kobe AD Mid performs the best in this aspect. For the grip I should say honestly that Kobe Nxt 360 is the best of the three and it ensures excellent performance on wooden floors as it can hug the floor tightly.

So after some more information maybe you’ve had your choice and which pair will we recommend is self-evident. Though the design of Kobe Nxt 360 is novel and excellent,the tech in the shoe is not so mature that the midsole setting is not qualified. While the cheapest one – Kobe AD Mid stands out by its great wrapping and midsole setting.

Honestly speaking, the Kobe AD Mid is nearly perfect,but,it is still not perfect in fact. The shoe is not easy to care for and the upper is easy to be damaged,either. And the shoe tongue makes its wrapping decreased to a certain degree.

However,if you’ve fallen in love with Kobe AD Mid then we also highly recommend you buy a pair of thicker socks to make up for some of the kobe ad mid.


On a personal level,I am quite fond of the Kobe series not only for its excellent performance but also for  its monumental significance. Combining the price of these shoes, it can be said that the meaning is greater than the function. However, the new KOBE AD series also needs to be positioned to allow the Mamba spirit to continue.

Nike Kobe AD Exodus Performance Review

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Demar DeRozan donned the new Nike Kobe AD Exodus model during a game of the famous Drew League in Los Angeles.Since Kobe retired, the era of digitally named kobe signature  series has also finished, but now Nike  brought the kobe a.d series to us .But what is the difference between last model ? and how about the performance review?

So we will be look at  Nike Kobe A.D. 2018 in terms of design and performance.We will check it as below:

The  most different is the Zoom Air that came back in force this year.

This rather original color consists of gray, navy blue, yellow, with a hint of bronze on the sides and a nice multicolored Kobe logo on the heel.

The legend of the Lakers Kobe Bryant wears them proudly! And it suits him pretty well.The sole design is consistent with past Kobe models as it is low to the ground and utilized an emphasized outrigger, while the upper “slip-on” construction. Also they are two colorway for us to chooing.

aka Kobe Day has been confirmed for the “Sail” colorway, although it’s not clear when this purple Lakers edition .but it look great.



This latest Black/Red rendition of the Kobe AD 2018  was look great,the ‘Black/Purple’ because both feature a black build with multicolor accents throughout.  I think the  Black/Red colorway  will be more low key.


For the box ,it is normal just like the last model.



With more images it looks like this latest Kobe AD shares a similar material build to the Nike PG series; it uses mesh in the toe with synthetic suede or nubuck in the rear.The nubuck seem give the shoes more supporting .but this is the most different compare with last model.we  can felt more stiff of the instep  of the feet.If that ends up being the case then these would end up being one of the nicer builds of the Kobe modern lineup of performance basketball sneakers.

In order to enhance the protection of the foot, the Kobe Ad Exodus uses a partition design similar to the Irving 3 . This part forms a separate soft  heat welded TPU  frame. The shoes divide the upper into 3 parts and each part. Also separated by large area heat welded lines.


The insole have an Kobe logo, and it is comfortable.


For the supporting : it is just normal, but not too great .An external heel counter also found its way onto the KOBE AD and does a great job at cradling the heel and locking it down. but because of the shoes type of Kobe AD, so I am thinking of the shoes support just so so.



Kobe’s personal special symbol is embodied on the shoelace retaining ring. The three numbers printed on the right foot are “08”. “23” “78” refers to the date of birth of Kobe. The number of the left foot is “33” “08” “24” On behalf of Kobe in the high school of Raul Merion, the beginning of the NBA league period, and the three jersey numbers in the later period. Red and white scabbard on the tongue Logo creates a visual highlight of the shoe, while the right foot is embroidered with the same logo, and the left foot is colored embroidery with the word “KOBE”

For the traction :Traction looks very similar to the Nike Kobe AD NXT 360,we need more time to tested,  so let’s hope it’s more durable.But the first testing , the grip is nice . if you played outside court, it is must will be slip, also if you paly the  wet court , it is not good too.However, on ordinary courts that most of us play on you will be fine after the traction breaks in. Dust will still stick, and some wiping will need to occur, but it will be very minimal.

The flex zone at the forefoot states that it features “Composite Fiber.” We’re not sure if that points to the nylon lace strand or the rip-stop material the area looks to be made of.

We can look  closely  of the gif picture of  other colorway .


For the material:

The wholes have bee not used the Flyknit which more stretchy, but used the  short fur suede covers most of the sneakers. It is not only difficult to care for, and it is easy to become more dirty,so the shoes requires higher care and time .

The overall shape of the shoe is consistent with the speed of Kobe signature shoes, but it does not use the Flyknit woven material like the AD NXT. but used the suede with the rubber. This can provide better stability and wrapping  while demonstrating the elasticity and flexibility of the upper. The Kobe series has keep the protection and stability  for avoid the injury, while the rubberized style forefoot strap placed on the upper ensures this.


For the cushioning :

The cage zoom used this time ,someone said it is nice ,but for others, they dont like it . The cushion of the sneakers is good. The entire heel has a cushioning which more responsive and feedback. But  for some more weight guy , the cushion thickness is not enough, so its cushioning feeling disappears a bit fast.but it is enough as guard shoe.




Here are more the Gif picture as tested.


The anti-twist function of Kobe AD 2018 is very normal, and the deformation of the upper is obvious in the test, which indicates that the midsole of the sneaker plays an absolute role in resisting external forces.

Overall: I am thinking of the Nike Kobe AD 2018  nice,  compare with the NEXT 360 , it is more the protection of the shoes ,and the material will be more stiff, but the cushion is nice .

Let us know what you think of this Black/Red colorway of the Nike Kobe AD

Nike Kobe A.D.NXT Performance Review

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In my opinion,maybe the Nike Kobe A.D.NXT is the most unique basketball shoe out now. But why? Because it features an unconventional lacing structure meant to give ultimate lockdown support for each foot to go along with a lightweight Flyknit upper.Also,a drop in insole features Lunarlon and a Zoom Air bag.Just think that,it is the Elite version to Kobe’s twelfth signature sneaker then will you get excited?If so,then let’s take a look at the protagonist of today’s review together.


Performance wise,you can benefit a lot from the shoes if you choose them because the cushion setup is going to be great in terms of impact protection, comfort court feel and responsiveness.What I would say is that this setup works really well, providing you with sufficient impact protection in the heel while keeping the forefoot cushioned enough without losing any court feel.

The cushion setup is nearly the same as the previous versions but it does improve the court feel.Also,the full-length Zoom Air is equipped in the version of the NXT. And the drop-in midsole also has flex groves that provides a lot of flexibility. Personally,the mix of the full-foot Lunarlon and the heel Zoom is what I like most and can be suitable for most of you.The thick Lunarlon can prevent the insole from moving and the Zoom feedback to you the very bouncy feel as long as you place enough pressure on it.Just an awesome feel.If you happen to be a fan of this cushion setup then you’ll like to be overjoyed not only because of its versatility but also because of its practicality.


As a guard shoe,the shoe’s grip and stability are of great importance which can add extra points for the shoe.The outsole of the shoe is actual a transparent crystal sole with white paints surrounding it.Besides,the triangular broken outsole grains gives grip in all directions. No matter in what kind of surface and no matter what the conditions are, the grip performs well as usual.Its ability of biting the floors is just out of expectation.But if dust is present there will be some wiping needed periodically, and that’s normal.

During the whole process of testing, the grip of the shoe is very excellent.There are not only an anti-rollover design on the front side and the hell ,but there is also a TPU wrapped around the heel.The new lacing system with the woven upper just offer great support for the wearers whether there is an accelerated breakthrough or an emergency stop .And the only issue is the shoe’s durability but it can’t be a deal breaker if you don’t need too much.In short,you just need to know that the Kobe A.D. NXT’s grip will perform well for you — even if the original Kobe A.D. grip did not.

Appearance and Materials

Objectively speaking, the Nike Kobe A.D. NXT in my opinion does not looks like a basketball shoe at all.The first impression it gives me is that it seems like a running shoe and also like a casual shoe.But,there is always a but,just as Kobe himself,whatever the shoe’s technologies or appearance,is always giving us amazing surprises.Not only does it feel light and comfortable overall,but it also does great help in your games,which matters most.


As for the materials,though the NXT and regular version of the Kobe A.D. are stated to have very similar materials, they don’t feel similar at all. The Nike Kobe A.D.NXT offers a mesh textile build that is very breathable while the Kobe A.D does not have.And the shrouded overlay is a knit material that seems to have some TPU threading throughout for reinforcement.

In short,personally,I think this is a shoe that can be worn both on and off court. Honestly speaking, it is a Kobe so some people are going to wear it on and off court regardless of the look.


The length feels pretty true to size.Seeing the shoe’s images you ‘ll find that the brand new lacing system seems novel and maybe it also confuse you to some extend,but it is just so easy as long as you carefully observe it,which is absolutely quicker than tying your shoelaces.Below are images that will show you the instructions.

After lacing it tightly the Flyknit upper wraps around your foot tightly thus you may feel you don’t wear anything on.However,I highly recommend you go to your nearest store to try them on before purchasing as you might have to go up half a size if you do not like a super snug fit. Sadly,I want to say that wide footers this might be not suitable for you.

And the lockdown is also a highlight of the NXT and it is truly awesome.Yes,it is awesome and even fantastic.Though the shoe doesn’t require much break in time at all ,there is also a big shortcoming which is about the durability.It can be a obvious problem as time passes




The support of the Nike Kobe A.D.NXT is just identical.In this aspect,due to the great wrapping and lockdown entirely,the support is just fantastic.And you sit low to the ground so stability is great while the overall containment (from the fit) is wonderful.In the overall actual combat there are not any issues.Personally,I am quite fond of it and maybe you’ll be addicted to it like me.


Though Kobe has retired,the Kobe sneakers have never disappeared.Definitely,all I mentioned above are showing that the Nike Kobe A.D.NXT will absolutely feedback to all of you guys.Its performance was amazing though many people didn’t believe it would perform so well but it really did.If the Nike Kobe A.D.NXT has successfully caught your attention and most importantly,you also like it then why not have a try?It is now available for $200.Maybe it should be your next Kobe purchase for on-court use.

Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon 6 Performance Review

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This cool grey of the Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon 6 was globally released in the summer of 2017. Its new and fresh colorway for that summer and its setting make many fans thrilling. In hot summer courts, the Venomenon 6 is just like a beautiful scenery.


The upper of the Venomenon 6 is made of breathable mesh and woven nylon. There in the heel part is a internal heel counter and the molded rubber from midfoot to heel both add stability for its owner.

In terms of the soles, it uses broken pentagons which provides enough grip in every direction. The Zoom in the forefoot and the heel are designed with clear crystal , which well decorates the entire outsole and increases the beauty of the shoes. But in my view, the Venomenon 6 is a bit like the regular versions though, it grains are just more simple and durable.


Based on my personal experience, the shoe has a good bite. No matter in what kind of grounds or the movements I make , the soles bite the ground really well. Though the soles offer bite,it also didn’t hesitate to pick up the dust on dirty floors either, so wiping every now and then is necessary in order to keep your shoes’ grip well.So even on dusty floors its performance is not bad ,maybe a bit worse than on clean floors but it doesn’t matter if you don’t require too much in this aspect.

Also , the shoe is designed to be used indoors. It bites indoor floors really well.Except the smooth floors, it is well enough to perform in almost courts.  Is this shoe outstanding ?Certainly. Only when you play in the shoes can you find the benefits and the fun they bring to you.



In terms of this setup, I have fallen in love with it. And why? Because the there is a bottom-loaded forefoot Zoom Air and a top-loaded rectangular heel Zoom Air unit ,which offers fantastic feelings and they work really well.

In the midsole of the Venomenon 6 , there is a full-length Phylon. Honestly speaking, it is an improvement over its predecessor and  you can actually feel the Zoom Air and responsiveness. Though the Zoom units seem similar to those used in the Nike Zoom Lebron Ambassador 9, there is no much to complain about because everything in this setup is nearly perfect and effective.


The support comes from the cushion,grip and good materials used in the shoes.And thanks to the lacing system, as long as you lace them tightly there won’t be any slippage issues.Like the Venomenon 5, the Venomenon is also a low-cut one but not so exaggerated. Lacing tightly then the shoe locks your ankle well. And the protection from the heel and forefoot Zoom is adequate for most people. In short, the shoe’s support is sufficient in all aspect.


As for the fit, I think the shoes fit me well and comfortably like a glove. But you can go to try the shoes before buying if you still have worries. As a pair of low-cut sneaker ,the wrapping of the heel can be said to be above average. And the durability is also good so you can lace tight while the heel counter keeps you contained in the shoe without hindrance.

Most importantly, not only does it have excellent wrapping, but it also ensures breathability and comfort for the wearers. While decreasing the shoes’ weight, it has not changed so much and still, it performs well as before.


The Venomenon 6 is suitable both on courts and in daily life. I have to say everything you expect on a Nike basketball shoe is featured in the Venomenon 6.So in such hot summer days , why not get one pair and let it be a beautiful landscape in your life?

Nike Kobe AD Performance Review

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The Nike Kobe AD is Kobe Bryant’s twelfth signature shoe. The shoes released on November 22nd, 2016, pricing $160. The Kobe AD is the first sneaker to release after Kobe’s retirement from the NBA, and it features a mix of Flywire, mesh, Lunarlon, and Zoom Air. Then look at the introduction below for more information.


Kobe’s retirement in 2016 announced the end of Kobe’s career. And the sale of Nike ”Fade to black” series brings the Kobe series to the public once again.What’s more, many people are crazy about it. The popularity proves that Kobe series has a strong influence in the world. Then in order to inherit the Kobe spirit , how will the Kobe series go on ? We finally got the answer in November. Let’s take a look together.


The ”AD” stands for the first year,which Kobe has mentioned before.



Mentioning Kobe AD, what appears in my head first is that Kobe series always has its own style. The technology used in the upper is still Engineered Mesh. And we can also see the Fly Wire in the shoes. In order to let you know more about Kobe AD, there is a disassembly diagram below.

The upper material is simple and the texture on the upper can bring a sense of layering. Compared with other shoes which use the Fly Wire technology , the lines of Kobe AD are relatively thick.

Next let’s take a look at the structure of the whole midsole. It uses the Lunar material as the whole midsole and at the back of the shoes, it adds the Zoom cushion which is placed directly on the upper level instead of regular method.

The material used in the outside of the sneaker is the rubber material which helps strengthen the ability of resistance to torsion and rollover prevention. And the most appealing of the shoes is in the heel, where there is the TPU which shows the multi-color of the electroplating process. Then it’s time to have a look at the actual performance.



I can’t wait to wear the shoes the moment I got them. After wearing them, the first feeling is that it is very compact. It is not because the shoelace is too tight but because of the EM or FK used in the shoes . When in actual combat, owing to the characteristics of EM materials, there won’t appear the problem that the upper will press the soles of the feet.And there in the heel  of the shoes, it is filled with sponge which can protect the ankle well. Personally, I think the sneaker is nearly perfect to some extend.

For some people whose feet are a bit too fat , I suggest you buy some ankle professional protective gear.  And because of the excellent wrapping of the shoes, some of you may feel uncomfortable wearing  the sneaker.


Though Kobe AD also uses the usual combination of Lunar and Zoom, it is quite different from the regular versions. The Lunar appears in the midsole, but it is thicker and its density is bigger than the regular ones. When it comes to the cushioning of the shoes, I think Kobe AD’s is qualified and sufficient . And the Ortholite material in the insole is also soft.But if you are seeking the  rebound type, then I suggest you buy the ones that have Zoom in the forefoot.

3. Protection

Although the EM material is also used in the upper, it is different from the usual versions. You can find that it uses the weaving process if you observe carefully. More importantly, it helps improve the upper strength and can avoid severely deformed in actual performance. And the increased fly lines also improves the upper supporting.

5. Comfortability

In terms of comfortability, I need not say too much. The Kobe AD is flexible, lightweight and relatively breathable as usual, which you can experience yourself.

6. Start-up

Owing to the Lunar material, the fluency of start-up may be a bit insufficient.

7. Grip

From the 10th version, the Kobe series has used the design which is the great using of small grain lines in the sole. Because of the triangular small particles in the forefoot, the accelerating and emergency stop in the breakthrough process can be very practical . But the Irregular pentagons used in the heel relatively decreases the grip of back of the shoes.

8. Durability

First of all, the EM upper can be said to be durable , but it is easily to be damaged by external forces. So I suggest you should be careful when washing shoes and avoid touching sharp objects. Secondly, the crystal material and  the fine particles in the sole is designed mainly for the wood ground or the plastic material ground,so don’t wear them out too often. Thirdly,  the Lunar material used in the midsole can ease some bad phenomenons. And the durability of Kobe AD is just better  than Kobe 9 and Kobe 11. Finally, if you fond of wearing them out in daily life, then I think you’d better be careful because the TPU in the heel can be easy  to fall off the paint.

9. Appearance

Personally, I think the Kobe AD is a good choice when going out. The appearance of the sneaker is not bad and it can be said to be pretty to some degree.

10. Overall

Every version of Kobe series is loved by many fans worldwide. Besides the factor of its own designs, what matters most is that it has the valuable spirit,passion, obsession, determination, tenacity and fearlessness. Above all, it  has even influenced many people’s attitude towards life.

As the latest version of Kobe series, I am sure the Kobe AD can bring some surprises that you have expected before and after getting along with it, you will be obsessed with it.

The Nike Kobe a.d Mid Performance Review

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After Kobe retired,Mamba Day becomes a grand festival when the funs of Kobe memorize their idol stadium.But with this year’s Mamba Day approaching,brand new Kobe series signature shoes,Nike Kobe NXT 360, is coming as well.

Since the eighth generation,Kobe’s signature shoes have gradually begun to lighten.Follow Kobe’s own idea,  every generation of Kobe’s sneakers is lightweight enough and can also try to balance supporting and wrapping.Meanwhile,the configuration of the full-hand Lunarlon midsole with the back palm has also become the ‘exculsive configuration’’ of recent generation of kobe shoes. Though similar shoe type and configuration are easy to make people aesthetic fatigue,I have to say Kobe’ signature shoes are still Nike’s strongest guard shoes.

Though failed to bring you the Kobe NXT 360 review in time, we bring you the last generation signature shoe this time,Kobe a.d Mid.  Now that the market price is gradually improving,let’s have a look at how this pair of China a.d performs.

As a ‘’middle version ‘’ of Kobe a.d,Nike Kobe a.d’s configuration also has further changes.The upper is made of suede and reinforced with artificial leather at the junction between the midsole and upper and additional modules are also set on the heel.Meanwhile,the sneakers also have support for Flywire inside the body to ensure the stability of the body.We still worry that the large-sized suede upper of the shoes will become extremely fragile due to external forces such as stepping etc,but I have to say,the upper hardness of the shoe is really good.

The midsole of the sneaker uses a series of conventional full-hand Lunarlon plus a cushioning configuration of the backsoom zoom,which is not difficult to expect.However,this time the sneaker adds a carbon plate between the midsole and the outsole to ensure a torsion resistance,which is an improvement over Kobe a.d.

The crystal outsole is densely corrugated ana loos like a grio,but because the grain is thinner and the texture is softer,it looks a bit less optimistic on the wear.

Compared with the engineering mesh woven mesh that are often used in sneakers,the suede upper used by Kobe a.d Mid has been a lot stiffer.Based on adding suede,attached to the inside of the suede,Flywire further enhances the upper support of the shoe and though it adds weight to some degree,  the improvement of the stabilily of the feet is also very effective.In actual combat,we can feel that the sneaker upper combined with the forefoot inner boot tightly wraps the feet,which feels safer compared with Kobe 11 Elite.

At the same time,in order to gurarantee the durability of the sneaker,Kobe a.d has a leather connection at the midsole and the body joint,which is said to be sophisticated design.

Maybe you are still abandoning Owen’s cushioning before the hardship and the back of PG1 is hard ,then…….Why not learn about the Kobe.

The midsole’s full-hand Lunarlon with the back palm is indeed guaranteed on the cushioning, and Lunarlon’s just the right thickness ensures that you can feel the driving force of the breakthrough.If you always think that Owen’s forefoot is too hard and he is seeking feedback’,then the signature of the Kobe may let you feel that it is really expensive.

Carbon board becomes a ‘’shoe savior’’.For many people who have worn the Kobe a.d,one of the biggest disadvantage of which is the lack of antitorsion.But this time,Kobe a.d added a quarter-length carbon plate near the full arch[The carbon board almost fill up the whole arch].The phenomenon that the sneaker is hard to lateral twisting also proves that the sneaker have strong anti-twist performance.


Dose ‘’Mid’’ really achieve ‘’Zhong Bang’’ performance ,Though Kobe a.d Mid has one more Mid than Kobe a.d,the increase in the upper dosen’t reach the expected protection enhancement.May because the lace hole is too far forward and plus the upper position is still in the ankle joint, the heel wrap performance of the sneakers and the ankle protection have almost no improvement.Though for the pursuit of speed ,the ankle protection is basically a part worth sacrificing, the increase in such uppers is a bit confusing and there is a feeling of ‘’changing for generations’’

The durability of cushioning materials is not optimistic.

When comes to the disadvantange of the midsole of the shoe……We have to say the durability of Lunarlon.After 8 hours actual combat and the daily travel 4hours assessment process,we sadly found that Kobe a.d Mid had seen obvious folds.Compared with the life of other materials , Lunarlon has become the biggest weakness of cushioning technology itself and coupled with the disadvantages of the wear resistance of the shoes,the life of Kobe a.d Mid may become the biggest barrier for you to buy it.

The wear resistance is worrying.  The grip of the sneaker is relatively good,with gif testimony.

But the durability of the sneaker is really pitying.Just within one week,we can see the sole of the sneakers have very obvious signs of wear.And when the cushioning life and the durability of the shoe are added together, the length of the use of the shoe is also limited.If you like the feel of Kobe a.d’s actual combat,then don’t wear them out to the road often,or the time it accompany you in the court will be no long.

Just less than one week,the rubber sole appeared in the midsole of the shoe.


The actual life of the sneaker isn’t optimistic, but whether it is an excellent balance between cushioning and starting or high stability of the shoe body and midsole all make Kobe a.d Mid can sit on the throne of Nike “king shoe performance” (regardless of cost performance).

Of course,we recommend Kobe a.d Mid to you who seek pace like Kobe,I am sure that you have the ‘’Mamba spirit’’ in your heart and you will love this pair of real-life signature shoes of speed.

The Nike Kobe 11 Elite Performance Review

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After a long waiting, we are lucky to see the Kobe 11 sneakers. Let’s check it together.

It seems that there are always some comments after the Kobe series release new versions. Just like other regular versions, the appearance of Kobe 11 is so mediocre that many people can’t accept it. And even many people will ask : What the hell you think ? But I am sure that you will be fascinated by it after a period of time. Then I will share you all with the excellent performance of Kobe 11.

As a new version, Kobe 11 also uses the low-cut design, which makes the shoe body look a bit like soccer shoes. The BruceLee colorway of Kobe11 is the same with Kobe5, but the texture of Kobe11 is just better. And we can see the technology used in the vamp strengthens the supporting and durability of the sneakers. Different from other regular versions, some special designs reduce the weight of the shoes. After a lot of improvement, we can finally see the excellent Kobe11.

In order to show you more, I’ve tested some aspects of the shoes and below are their points.(The full score is 10.)

Cushioning (8points)

The KOBE 11 remains the same as KOBE 10 in the shoes setting. But the Kobe 11 is a bit like the Kobe 9 in a plug-in insole. What’s more, the biggest advantage of Kobe 11 is that it is lighter than other versions. And the it is also more comfortable than Kobe 7 and Kobe 10. As for the feeling , you can experience it in the actual combat by yourself.

Protection (7.5 points)

Though the Kobe 11 has got many doubts about its protection owing to its appearance, I am quick sure it will prove itself in actual performance. After wearing the shoes, you will have a sense of safety. Based on other advantages, it can provide better supporting and wrapping. Here I suggest you go to try them on in physical stores if you want to buy the shoes.

Comfortability (9points)

The Kobe series always perform very well in comfortability . What’s more, with the Flyknit ,the lunarlon and the zoom in the midsole, the supporting of Kobe 11 is more excellent than other versions. But because of the low vamp, there will be a sense of force for some people whose feet are fat. After all, I think you consider carefully before buying.


The design in the insole is shown in Kobe11. Benefiting from the special design, Kobe11 performs pretty excellent in actual combat. And the front foot of the shoes is soft, which make you feel comfortable. In my view, the reactivity of Kobe11 can’t be compared with other sneakers, but the perfect combination of technology makes Kobe11 better.

Grip (9 points)

With the delicate stripes in the sole, the grip of Kobe 11 is quick good. I have to say the grip can be satisfying no matter in what kind of grounds. So if you want to learn more, I suggest you see the actual performance of Kobe 11. And the wear resistance of Kobe 11 is similar to that of Kobe 10.


,Personally, I think the Kobe 11 has improved a lot. Based on other versions, it doesn’t like what we expected before, but it does bring us some surprises . And I also think it is worth buying which will not disappoint you. Maybe it is the last pair of sneakers of Kobe’s NBA career, but surely it will be in our memories forever.






























Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 Performance Review

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We finally saw the Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 in July 2015. The Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon 5 looks absolutely incredible. The colorway of this version is as simple as you can get, but the details will make these a crowd pleaser , so just feast yours eyes. And let’s check it together today.

The Nike Zoom Venomenon 5, with many technologies contained, totally weighs 335g. Let’s have a look at the introduction of the official website first: The Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 cleverly combined the simple Hyperfuse design with the lightweight cushioning system. The excellent grip can make you play freely and can improve the accelerated performance at the same time. The upper breathability is also excellent. What’s more, combining the Phylon midsole with Nike Zoom air cushion, the Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 looks more perfect. With the excellent grip and wear resistance, the Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 is enough to control the outdoor courts.

If the Kobe series stands for Kobe’s gorgeous style in courts, then the Venomenon series stands for his technologies when attacking. After all, though the price is expensive, the quality is also excellent. At the same time, the Venomenon series are always popular in the public and has got many praises.


The upper used materials that are folding resistance .And the upper is not easy to be wrinkled. What’s more, I can say the breathability is pretty excellent .

Appearance: The Zoom Air +Crystal design with the color of ice blue looks so lively. And the silver LOGO in the shoe tongue and midsole make the Venomenon 5 more identified. In some ways, the Venomenon 5 is a bit like the 4th version. The shoes used the popular Lowploy style which consisted of triangular and gradient colors .In general, the appearance can’t disappoint you.



The design of Venomenon 5 is seriously considered, and the feeling of wrapping is also good.


The materials used in the upper ensure powerful breathability that is also one of the advantages of Venomenon 5. You will feel comfortable even if in winter, and I am sure it can perform better in summer.


Although the sneakers have ZOOM, the whole performance is not very satisfying . Possibly,  the reason is that the position of Zoom Air is different from before.


In my view, the supporting of Venomenon 5 is a big shortcoming . The soft upper and low-cut design directly reduce the supporting. So the supporting in ankles is really concerning.

Wear feelings.

The air cushion directly increases the shoes’ gravity center. Though it performed not very good, the wear resistance is worse than expected, the bending performance is quick good which is good for start-up.






Though the shoes do have some shortcomings, the whole is quick satisfying. In short, such a pair of shoes, pricing 949, is very cost effective. And I am sure it can’t make you disappointed.