Nike Kyrie low Performance Review

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There are two colorways of Nike Kyrie low.The one is the wolf grey sneaker and the other is the black which is also today’s protagonist .Following a look at the White/Black pair, Kyrie’s first low top sneaker returns in a Black and Metallic Silver colorway. It will officially debut July 15, 2018 with a price of $120.It features a black upper with bold texturing on the midfoot strap and heel.As is known,Kyrie Irving’s sneakers have been a huge hit with players of all ages since the first model. Then for more information just go on reading.


When first looking at the shoes,what appears in my mind is that it features a mesh constructed upper, Kyrie logos on the tongue and speckled midsole atop a Zoom Air cushioned sole.Personally speaking,it is a good sneaker no matter you choose to play on it or wear it out in daily life especially in summer because it is breathable.Though it is a low top one,it is comfortable to wear,which feels fantastic.As a pair of basketball shoes,the Nike Kyrie low’s appearance is just so so,not very appealing I have to say.But everyone has his/her own idea and at least for me,I can accept it.


The Kyrie model has used both forefoot and heel Zoom Air cushion for the first ever,sound exciting,right?Because the 20-year-old technology is still one of the top cushioning systems ever made.The cushion setup is always not a highlight of Irving series,but it is the point that is what we care most.And the cushion is 7 mm thick in the forefoot and a serious 14 mm in the heel,which is not thin.However,the stiff Phylon midsole will deaden the initial bounce and response you would normally feel. But what is worth mentioning is that the Kyrie low has always proven itself in the cushion setup.

The setting in this aspect of the shoe will greatly improve the shoe’s cushion,but,there is always a but,such setting will obviously decrease the Zoom feel.However,you don’t need to worry.Although with the Zoom being bottom-loaded, you don’t get the feel underfoot of a good Zoom,the impact is absorbed and deadened through the Phylon as well. In my view,the cushion works with the traction to make the Kyrie Low feel low and fast, well done! I have to say it works really great on court.


First of all,the strap does nothing.It just makes the midfoot feel a little tighter and it has nothing to do with the shoe’s support.It is the low-riding midsole and the lacing system that does great help to you.Because of the lacing system,it locks you into the shoe and the foot sits inside the midsole so that you are not sliding anywhere you don’t want to.So I just want to say,the wrapping is excellen which is the biggest highlight of the shoe.In addition,with a small,hidden TPU in the midsole,the shoe can offer the wearer some midfoot support and ”just put your heart in the belly” because stability and protection are also ensured.And the fillers are sufficient which feels soft rather than too hard.


One thing is certain that the Kyrie models always have great grip since the first day.And really,it doesn’t make us disappointed.No matter you choose to play outdoors or indoors,it just work well as usual.But there is a precondition that the floors must be clean with no dust on it or the grip might be not so good.Therefore,wiping in your free time is needed.And as you can see, the spacing is wide enough that wiping is just easy.Good thing is that you can change your movement smoothly at any time because the grip can serve for you.Once you have been used to this kind of setting,you can benefit a lot from it.


Performance wise,you are likely to love this sneaker if you choose it.Whether the length or the width,the Kyrie Low does fit true to size.But wide footers,here I highly recommend you go up a half size or try on in-store because the midfoot is a bit narrow.

Though there is the slippy issue in the heel part,the heel slip is away after the materials loosened up.And thanks to the solid heel counter,the little bit of slip that is left is no worries.In short,the shoe pulls nice and tight around your foot, locking everything from the midfoot forward in and down with no movement at all.


I am really enjoying what the shoe has brought to me,it is just awesome.I am quite sure you may also fall in love with it after getting along with it for a period of time.The grip,cushion(though not so perfect),wrapping and great fit all make the Nike Kyrie low an ideal for most of you.Trust me,you can’t be disappointed.


Nike Kyrie Flytrap Performance Review

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Kyrie Irving’s signature shoe is one of the most accessible thanks to its low pricepoint. After released  the Kyrie 4, the Nike also released  less expensive to rep the Boston star thanks to his new shoe, which more similarity with Nike Kyrie Flytrap.

But how the performance ? is it like the Kyrie 4 ?

We will check it today.

Called a “Core” shoe rather than a signature shoe, the Kyrie Flytrap is priced at a mere $80 , but all of designs  are more similarity the Kyrie 4.


The toe cap portion used the heat welded fuse which more supporting. The black inner instep adds a nylon elastic strap to increase the fit and comfortable. The bottom end of the artificial leather of the heel corresponds to his jersey number.

On the upper material, KYRIE FLYTRAP used a breathable mesh upper.The Kyrie Flytrap utilizes a burrito-style fit system that wraps the lateral side of the shoe over the top of the medial, with an elasticized band over the forefoot that attaches the two layers.The knit does support and contain my foot just fine, and the breathability was on point. It is more similarity with the Kyrie 4, but the price will be more lower. If you wan to the lower price but the same material , Maybe you can buy this one .


The Flytrap name itself is a nod to his homeland of Australia, where the Venus Flytrap plant is prevalent (it was also a nickname for a special colorway of his Kyrie 1).



For the traction : KYRIE FLYTRAP only uses a hexagonal zoom air cushion in the forefoot, it is similarity with Kyrie 4.The rubber outsole wraps the entirety of the midsole on the lateral side of the sneaker from the midfoot to the toe.


So we will looking at the suporting of FLYTRAP,because of Flytrap used the more thiner upper material which less than Kyrie 4. if  I running or move fast , I can felt the toe have been more obvious under external force.


For the wrapping , it is nice , it is similarity the Kyrie 4.The tongue and the collar are also close to the foot when the sneaker is changing direction. The overall court feeling similar with the KYRIE4. The inside of space is enough , and the  wrapping is  nice  and tightly lockeown, which makes the feet more flexible and stability.



Maybe the upper material reason , it is will be lightweight. The single shoe weighs just only 350g. It has excellent an elasticized band over the forefoot that attaches the two layers. So the material is soft and comfortable. But the work is nice , Lockdown was OK, only because I had these bad boys tied tighter than a jelly jar. The elastic band over the forefoot wasn’t bad.


For the cushioning :

FLYTRAP’s air cushion configuration is similarity like the Kyrie 4. it is used the Zoom Air in the forefoot and and foam in the heel , It’s commendable for Nike to offer such a budget-conscious option for Irving’s fans, it is only a small hexagon zoom , but the performance is nice .

The overall material is  nice for the price It is suitable for friends who are light,  because of the more weight have been not enough.The Phylon is a little softer than what was used on the last Kyrie models


In the term of  anti-torsion , we just said that although the FLYTRAP uppers is more thinner , the stable midsole structure makes it resistant to the midsole deformation.The built-in TPU support  in the midsole ensures the overall rigidity of the sneaker. You can feel the feedback of the ground  directly. it will responsive when we play  .

Overall, Nike Kyrie Flytrap is worth the price . There’s simply not enough support and protection other than for the smallest and lightest of players.But compare with Kyrie 4 ,  all of material of Kyrie 4 is  will be good than  Kyrie Flytrap.

Nike Kyrie 4 Performance Review

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We finally saw Nike Kyrie 4 on  December 20th, 2017 after changing the designer and adjusting the design concept. Benjamin cooperated with Nike which made the Kyrie 4 more lively and  Irving also tried his best to design the shoes. Therefore, we have an opportunity to get one pair of the signature shoes in 2018.

We have told some details by video before. And we will tell you more today. Let’s check it together.

The shape of Nike Kyrie 4 looks a bit like Kyrie 2, but it is said to be Irving’s request. The typical sole has become a tradition of the Kyrie series and the design of middle and high gang is also a bit like Kyrie 2. But what’s the use of the stripe in the shoes ?

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Of course, the design and technology setting are served for actual combat. So since we have said many details about the appearance, why not look at other characteristics ?


Before writing the review of Kyrie 4, we’ve check much information and we knew that Kyrie 4 has slow shock of the front feet, which got many approvals.

Cushion is really softer than Phylon, but the density of the two is similar, which is not easy to notice. So the improvement of the slow shock isn’t because of materials, but because of the addition of thickness in midsole.

Cushion is really softer than Phylon, but the density of the two is similar, which is not easy to notice. So the improvement of the slow shock isn’t because of materials, but because of the addition of thickness in midsole.

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Still excellent grip.

The excellent grip is always a traditional advantage of Kyrie series, which can be shown even in the 4th version. And because of the different grains in the sole, you can feel the powerful grip ability at any time even if in smooth ground.

Meanwhile, players can play freely in the court because of the radian in the sole. And the improvement that can make start-up more fluent is what Irving wants most.

The protection and wrapping are really excellent.

After wearing the shoes, we can obviously feel that the wrapping is excellent. Compared with other versions, Kyrie 4 has totally improved. The wrapping can bring a sense of force and meanwhile, the design of shoe body can protect players from serious injuries. What’s more, the vamp and the stability of shoe heels make players more comfortable.

The additional thickness and TPU of midsole make Kyrie4 more and more excellent, which is one reason that Kyrie 4 is popular in the public.

Disadvantage—The life of the sneakers.

Design defects of shoe heels.

The protection and wrapping of Kyrie 4 are pretty excellent, but the sneakers don’t suit the persons whose heel tendons are bulky. So you may have a sense of discomfort after wearing the shoes at first. But even though it will disappear several days later, some buyers will give up continuing to wear them. So I suggest you wear socks that are longer at first so that you can adapt to the sneaker as soon as possible.

Actually, the sneakers don’t have any serious shortcomings. But the biggest disadvantage is the use of materials. Kyrie 4 used suede unexpectedly which make the shoes damaged easily. The picture below is an experience of a net friend. A t the same time, the embroidery of the shoe upper is also pretty loose. We can easily tear the stitches of the embroidery.


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In short, Kyrie 4 can surely meet most people’s needs. However, the durability and the time to adapt to the shoes will become two big disadvantages of Kyrie 4. But its actual combat performance is pretty excellent which will make it more popular. Most importantly, I am sure Kyrie 4 can continue to dominate the middle of the market.

So if you are into the sneaker, just make it become your owns. I am sure it can’t disappoint you.


NIKEiD Kyrie 3 Premium Yeezy Performance Review

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Erwin’s life motto is “Hungry and Humble” for the design inspiration.So once  the NIKEiD Kyrie 3 Premium Yeezy  releasing , it is was become a popular in this summer .Among them, black represents Hungry, symbolizing Erwin’s fighting spirit and concentration in the field, white represents Humble, symbolizing Erwin’s humility and perseverance in training under the field.Today ,we will talking about it

Basically every NIKEiD offering comes equipped with the Yeezy aesthetic in both the ‘Blink’ and ‘Pure Platinum’ colorways from his Nike Yeezy 2. The laces are fixed and lined with red embellishment, allowing the whole to have an Nike Air Yeezy feeling .A  pairs feature that contrasting Bright Crimson lining, glow-in-the-dark Swoosh branding, and a matching glow outsole. It is good look anyway .

The second surprise is that the luminous effect of Kyrie 3 is very amazing, in addition eye-catching Swoosh Logo and Erwin Nike Logo are part of the tongue with luminous material, just close to the light source ,The Kyrie 3 will be bright in the dark.

Nike Kyrie 3 design was perfect . The tongue of the “JBY” stamp and Erwin’s motto “Just Be You” and “H+H” on behalf of Erwin has been implementing the motto of “ambition and humility”.


Outsole of shoes  has designed a window type for  air cushion, both inside and outside the window were printed with Erwin’s Nike and Logo signature, and in the window around the outer bottom is engraved with the name of Erwin’s daughter AZURIE ELIZABETH”.

Kyrie Irving took time out from his busy Nike Basketball Asia Tour to create these two Kyrie 3 Yeezy customs and show them off to the world on Instagram.

overall ,Kyrie 3 not only has a good performance in the actual value of Yan, favorably, shark tooth type design of the outer bottom and the front new module is to strengthen the grip and abrasion resistance, as the visible window type Zoom Air guarantees cushioning shoes.