Nike Air Max Dominate EP Performance Review

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The Davis and Cousins’s shoes, Nike Air Max Dominate is now available and has hit retailers for $120,so if you are a fan of this colorway then you are in luck.

Since the Nike Zoom Air was available,the the huge and heavy Air Max air cushion has become a accessories on the shoes, which is often the existence of “tangible”.However,owing to its excellent stability in actual combat and its accompany with a lot of players,it is still popular with many people.Next just take a look at the protagonist of today’s review.



In my view,the shoe’s appearance is nice.Its white upper with some orange directions looks not only simple but very unique.Looking at the front upper,it is simple though,the ”DOMINATE” is very obvious and clear.

There is also a ”SWOOSH” logo on the side of the upper.

For the heel part,it is black and white.While placed with Air Max cushion, the shoe’s pull tab is very humanized which gives you a sense of stability,thus making it absorb lots of impact protection.



According to most consumers,the materials feel pretty comfortable on feet.The upper is made of full mesh fabric so that it performs great in breathability. This can be proved by some wearers because they’ve noted that the shoe is well ventilated.Besides,the fillers is sufficient and ensure the heel comfortability.

As a high-top basketball shoe,the Nike Air Max Dominate EP is acceptable with 419 grams of a single shoe.After all,it doesn’t require much for speed.And the upper is soft enough to be easily bent,so as long as you are wearing your suitable size you’ll benefit a lot from the shoe.The feeling is fantastic.But the Nike Air Max Dominate runs slightly small and narrow,so just choose your size carefully.


Wrapping  and  Support

In this aspect, I have many words to say. I am quite satisfied with it. As I mentioned,there are fillers in the shoe’s heel part.But it is the fillers that do a great help in improving the wrapping. The moment you wear the shoes,you can feel a very tight wrapping.And the exceptional lockdown help wrap your foot quite well,which seems like being integrated with your body thus stability is ensured as well.In addition to mentioned before,the lacing system becomes the maximum advantage of the shoes.Lacing your laces tightly,you can have an awesome experience it brings for you.There is just nothing to be picky about.

As for the support, you will know how well it perform when there are start-ups or emergency stops.For some movement such as breakthrough or jumps,I would say the Air Max Dominate really offers excellent support.In terms of the heel part,the leather material also offers very powerful support,so the heel stability of the shoes naturally goes well .



For the traction, it is nice.As is known,many shoes tend to make  more complicated bottom type because more complex lines can enhance the grip of shoes. According to most players, this Nike basketball shoe have really good traction. The traction is made of rubber and is very thick.Needless to say,its durability is not bad.Based on my personal experience, though I’ve wore them out and played for a long time,there is no much damage.When I was playing on clean courts, it sticks like glue,but while in outdoor grounds the traction picks up quite a bit of dust. Therefore, sometimes wiping is needed and can quickly take care of the issue.When you start up,the traction hugs the ground in every direction.


I am sure that many of you have experienced the Air Max cushion.For heavier people,they may feel soft and bouncy while for lighter ones,it is completely different for they’ll say it is like stepping on stones.So they may complain that it lacks impact protection and is not that responsive. But the forefoot of the shoes is not technically blessed except for the midsole material .In my view, the performance of cushion depends of the person wearing it.



The AIR MAX DOMINATE is more suitable for big weight.Its overall performance is OK and with its outstanding breathability ,it becomes more excellent and can be a great basketball shoe. Here I’d recommend this shoe to you that doesn’t required much in cushion. I am sure the shoe will definitely live up to the reputation and will give you full protection.Trust me,it can’t let you down.