Nike Flyknit Racer Performance Review

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Nike shoes have always been very popular worldwide, but it also offers a fantastic selection of racing shoes and spikes . As a Flyknit running shoe , the Nike Flyknit Racer is very popular as well .

Honestly speaking, the moment I saw the shoes ,I thought I must have fallen in love with it. And it is popular as a running performance shoe as well as a lifestyle sneaker. Then let’s check…


When I first wore the shoe ,the first impression it gave me is that it was very very light. The perfect combination of black and white is very pleasing to the eye. The visible Flyknit woven fabric visually gives us coolness. Just imagine that if you can own a pair of Nike Flyknit Racer and then play and run on them, what a cool thing !


For the upper : looking at the upper, it features Nike’s unique Flyknit design which  provides not only extremely solid flexibility,but also breathability and support. As I mentioned,the upper is made of Flyknit woven fabric.And with a proper thickening treatment,it is more beneficial to the shaping and reinforcement of the scorpion type.

The forefoot upper consists of three parts. The outer ring black and white woven W-shaped overlap is very dense;the middle part is mainly white while the inner part has many holes so that breathability is ensured. On a personal level, if it is compared with pure white or pure black upper, I prefer the former to later.

For the durability : the materials used in the shoes are very good which is worth the price . And it is the good materials that do great help in durability. The shoe is light that it will not give you any burden .This could be a good thing for those using the shoe for everyday use or running. As the name suggests, it is a racing shoe. For those who are planning to exclusively use the shoe for racing then the Nike Flyknit Racer will offer you plenty of durabilities.


The insole is simple with white background and black letters,while the other side is made of green special foam material with the relevant brand name .


For the breathability : as you can see,the Nike Flyknit Racer is super breathable as a product of the previously mentioned Flyknit upper design . Its special design allows great air to flow in.

Pulling out the insole,it is very clear that the soles are well-lined and there is no broken line. From the images we can know how breathable the flyknit fabric is.


For the grip : the shoe is very good in this regard. It has equipped black and white double eva in the midsole and there are two streamlined grooves in the forefoot which offers space during motion. And the shoe has exceptional traction,which aids the shoe in gripping the ground almost every direction. However,on super clean floors rather than the roads,the traction may be a bit less effective.


Overall : on a personal level, the first feeling it gives me is super light which makes me feel like I am wearing nothing. Though the cushion setup is not excellent,however,it is the Flyknit that is the shoe’s biggest highlight. The breathability, simple and nice appearance are just appealing. If you like running then the Nike Flyknit Racer  will be your solid choice.