Nike KB Mentality 1 Performance Review

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Nike KB Mentality has been a team basketball shoes ,and it has been the low popular basketball shoes since released .Maybe it is the signature shoes of KOBE. So Nike KB Mentality  has been the most attention of the fans .But for more people ,they want to know what is the performance review.

So we will check it today.

There are some more colorway of this shoes as below :


For the box ,it is normal with the simply logo.

There is the full info of the box side , it is will be great .

When we open the shoe ,I was really exciting .


For the material:

It is used the  typical Hyperfuse setup along the entire upper. It is look nothing really special or groundbreaking here.but the  I  enjoy the first couple of night’s as much as I had each night afterward because, like the traction, the upper needed a little break-in time.  And Because of this material of upper.The tongue is also made of a large mesh material, which gives the players their excellent breathability.

Kobe’s logo is still quite obvious, personally I like it very much.

We can see the material clearly , the tongue have an mesh materail with air hole , that is in order to  improved the ventilation .

To be speaking , the green color was really cool, I like it very much ,especially for the summer.It look match the summer cloths.

We can see the detail inside :

The foam is comfortable , the proctection of the heel part  is amazing


More use of heat welded fuse material, so it have moew  protection of the toe , but it is a bit drag on the comfort, there are some uncomfortable in the process of turning around.

For the supporting :I dont think the supporting is great.The supporting just from  heel counter and material ,and there have been not the TPU support. There is no shank plate in place as well. I was told that when you have a flat bottom with a molded arch (Lunar midsole has the molded arch) that a shank isn’t really required.But there is not enough for that.The Lunar midsoles always do a great job ,but it is just have been not enough for me.


For the traction:

Nike KB Mentality  Completely followed the LUNARLON midsole of KOBE VIII SYSTEM, which used of  LUNARLON in the past. It brings the biggest surprise to the whole pair of shoes.I think it is look similar to  KOBE The VIII SYSTEM, it is still a lightweight foam LUNARLON midsole, the soft structure makes the feet feel natural when walking, I Like this setting of shoe, plus a thin design let the feet felt more  response . However, the weakness of the consistent LUNARLON is there,such as the  responsive is not keep longer when you running, the life cycle of the resilience is also short.


We can see the Full length Lunar as these pictures

It look so responsive for this material.

For the cushioing : Full length Lunar used .The cushioning is amazing.If you’re familiar with that setup then you’ll likely enjoy the hell out of these. As we know the Lebron shoes have been used the Lunnar setting, but my heel kept slipping out of the shoe so I opted for the Lunar insert, which I prefer anyway. You’ll get that low profile ride, plenty of court feel, and the responsive is amazing , I like this pone very much.


Overall, Mamba  basketball shoes sacrifice too much protection and support torsion resistance for lightweight design. In fact, I personally think that this is completely a practice.But for the material is great with great cushioning.